Warning over fishy doorstep conmen returning to Suffolk

Paying rogue fish salesman is money down the drain

Paying rogue fish salesman is money down the drain - Credit: Archant

Residents are being warned about rogue fishmongers returning to Suffolk to target homes in the county.

Suffolk Trading Standards officers have said they have received intelligence salesmen, who first targeted residents across Suffolk in July, are due to return to the county this month.

Previously there have been incidents in Ipswich and Woodbridge.

The sellers are known for cold-calling and offering pre-packed fish for sale, in some cases offering to put it directly in the victim’s freezer.

The victims have been either misled on the type of fish they were buying, grossly overcharged or subjected to high pressure sales tactics and sold far more fish than they would normally wish to buy.

Two months ago a victim in Woodbridge was duped into paying £165 for 20 polystyrene packs containing two fish in each pack.

Incidents were also reported in and around the Wigmore Close area of Ipswich.

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The doorstep callers were quite distinct as they both wore half-length white fishmonger’s coats.

Suffolk County Councillor Matthew Hicks, Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Protection said: “Our general advice would be not to do business on the doorstep with sellers of goods or services.

“Often these sellers prey on the most vulnerable who are less likely to refuse what may appear to be a bargain. It is so important that we do all we can to empower people in Suffolk so they have the confidence to say ‘no’ to doorstep sellers. Ultimately, for all purchases, it is better to deal with reputable traders, who you know and trust.”

Trading standards has a supply of door-stickers telling traders they should not call at a property and they commit an offence if they stay.

Residents who have had an issue with any goods purchased or who would like to receive a door sticker are asked to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506 who will pass information on to Suffolk Trading Standards.

Stay one step ahead of the scammer and join the Suffolk Trading Standards email mailing list. Every week they send you details of all the scams reported to them. For more information on the scheme and how to join, go to www.suffolk.gov.uk/JoinTheFight