Warning to women after rapist conviction

TWO-timed by his wife who had an affair with his brother, rapist Mohanid Alobaydi always saw himself as the victim.Women and the law were treated with disdain by the predator who took part in the double-rape of a 22-year-old student nurse in Ipswich.

TWO-timed by his wife who had an affair with his brother, rapist Mohanid Alobaydi always saw himself as the victim.

Women and the law were treated with disdain by the predator who took part in the double-rape of a 22-year-old student nurse in Ipswich.

As COLIN ADWENT delved into the tawdry background of the 38-year-old unlicensed taxi driver, revellers were today warned about the dangers of accepting lifts from bogus mini-cabs.

SAFETY in numbers should be the watchwords for female revellers on a night out, the man responsible for catching rapist Mohanid Alobaydi said today.

Although predatory rapes are rare, Inspector Darrin Tomkins urged women to take sensible steps when returning home after a night out and reminded them not to accept lifts unless they know exactly whose car they are getting into.

Alobaydi, who worked and made deliveries for King's Kebabs in Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich, posed as a taxi driver after the 22-year-old victim went in the takeaway on her own.

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Insp Tomkins is keen to ensure his warning is heeded so other women do not put themselves in the same position.

He said: “You lose judgement and become vulnerable when drunk. Our advice is don't overdo it, friends should stick together and be careful.

“All cabs should have identifications and cab drivers should have identification. Taxis don't stop and tout for business. If somebody offers themselves up as a cab you need to be fairly suspicious.”

Alobaydi and two accomplices mocked the woman as he and another man raped her in the back of his L-registration silver Hyundai in March, at Berkeley Close, near Tuddenham Road in Ipswich.

The attack only stopped when she was sick. The men then drove back into town, throwing her out of the car on the way.

Alobaydi, 38, was convicted at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday last week of two counts of rape and is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence.

Today details emerged of his seedy lifestyle and how his world changed when he discovered his wife was having an affair with his brother, giving an insight into his mindset about himself and women.

The son of an English mother and Iraqi father, who worked in the oil industry, Alobaydi had lived in London and abroad before coming to Ipswich.

At the time of his arrest in April this year, he was living in Whitton Church Lane and had been in the town for around 14 years.

To all intents and purposes he was said to be have been a professional man, before his marriage irretrievably broke down after he was deceived by his wife and brother.

His fall from grace was swift.

Because of the financial pressures of his marriage breaking down, Alobaydi was forced to go bankrupt. This meant he was struck off from his job as a financial advisor.

As a result of his wife's affair Alobaydi ended up serving a prison sentence for aggravated burglary and threats to kill. He had been out for less than six months when he attacked the student nurse in Ipswich.

After his arrest, Alobaydi, whose address in court was given as Bulstrode Road, Ipswich, claimed he had regularly engaged in threesomes with customers and friends in a flat above King's Kebabs.

But his attitude towards women and the law seemed to be one of disdain.

Throughout the seven months between arrest and conviction Alobaydi refused to admit his guilt, blaming his victim for his situation by claiming she initiated the sexual activity.

It was an arrogance which permeated his police interviews and court appearances. Even when he was found guilty and sentenced he shouted and swore at his prosecutors as he was led to the cells, in the belief that it was he who had been victimised.

Insp Tomkins said: “He was quite clearly a self assured character who felt himself above the law and too clever for the law.

“He maintained his stance throughout and subjected the victim to reliving her ordeal in court.

“He made some really horrendous suggestions about what type of character she was, which obviously caused distress for the victim.

“He does not accept what he has done. He certainly never assisted us in any way. If anything he was obstructive. He refused to tell us who the second or third man were.

“He had some kind of misplaced loyalty towards them and it could be said to be arrogance.

“As a result of this I would class him as a dangerous person.”

Insp Tomkins was keen to stress his admiration for the bravery of Alobaydi's victim.

He said: “I can't stress how impressed I was with the victim. Her self control, her dignity and her courage were incredible. She deserves credit for going through what she did.

“Her dignity was fantastic despite the besmirching of her character by this predator.”

Although unable to talk specifically about Alobaydi's case, Norwich-based consultant forensic clinical psychologist Ged Baines said rapists commit attacks for a number of reasons. Among their motives are power, control, the need for reassurance, anger and, or, revenge.

Mr Baines said: “When you are looking at rape, you are looking at attitudes towards women and towards relationships. It's not unusual for perpetrators to deny what they are doing and minimisation is very common. It's a kind of arrogance. I have met people who have been incredibly arrogant and dismissive of the victim.”

N A second suspect was arrested and charged relating to the attack, but his case never came to trial. The third man's identity has never been known.