Was there a meteor shower over Ipswich on Wednesday afternoon?

The damage to the sunroof, which was possibly caused by a meteor strike.

The damage to the sunroof, which was possibly caused by a meteor strike. - Credit: Contributed

An Ipswich man wants to know if there have been other reports of objects falling from the sky on Wednesday afternoon in what he suspects was a meteor shower.

Hans Schreuder, of Norwich Road, got in contact with the Star after an unknown object hit the sunroof of his car, causing it to shatter, as he was driving along Valley Road, Ipswich, at about 2.40pm.

At exactly the same time, his neighbour heard something hit the roof of the house they share with a loud bang and ended up in a bed of pebbles, but it proved impossible to find.

Mr Schreuder, 69, who was unable to find the object that hit his car, said: “You can see a clear impact point on the sunroof. It’s very, very small. The hole itself is less than 3mm and it’s cracked all the way around.”

He said there had been no other traffic on the road at the time so it was not a case of a stone being thrown up by another vehicle and he had not passed under any bridges.

He believes it must have been a meteor shower to have left “such an impact on such a small area”.

“Did anyone else suffer damage anywhere?” he said.

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