Watch ‘terrific recovery’ of horses rescued from Paper Mill Lane, Ipswich, by RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Rescued horses, Brook, Chad and Blyth after recovering at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: REDWING

Rescued horses, Brook, Chad and Blyth after recovering at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY - Credit: Archant

Ten horses saved from suffering in a field north of Ipswich are reported to have made a “terrific recovery” thanks to two charities.

The RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary have been caring for the animals after they were found in Paper Mill Lane in a poor condition.

Many of the horses were reported to be extremely hungry, dehydrated, infested with lice and suffering with overgrown and cracked hooves. Others had liver disease from eating ragwort, which is toxic to horses.

The horses’ owner, Gussie Lee, 61, of Woodlands Way, Ipswich, was banned from keeping animals at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Magistrates also handed Lee two suspended prison sentences for failing to meet the needs of 10 horses and causing unnecessary suffering to six of them.

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RSPCA inspectors visited the horses in January after concerns were raised about their condition.

After Lee failed to act on a warning notice, the horses were seized, and taken in to care with the RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Six months later the horses are said to have made a “terrific recovery”.

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Horses in the care of Redwings Horse Sanctuary:

Brook: This seven year old mare was very thin and suffering with mites and lice. She had a foal named Blyth with her and and gave birth to a second foal, Chad, in April.

Blyth: The 11 month foal and arrived at Redwings needing treatment for mites and lice. She was said to be “incredibly shy” but is becoming “braver by the day”.

Chad: The foal needed intensive veterinary care at Redwings Horse Hospital as he was suffering from an infection, requiring a plasma transfusion. He is reported to be “growing stronger each day” but will remain under observation by the veterinary team.

Brett: The two year old horse was very weak and emaciated when rescued, and in need of treatment for mites and lice. He now lives at Hapton, Norfolk, where he continues to improve and has struck up a friendship with Orwell.

Orwell: The 11 month horse arrived suffering with mites and lice and has a malformed mouth, which means he is likely to have ongoing dental issues, and will remain at Redwings Sanctuary for the rest of his life.

Dove: The five year old mum arrived in a very poor condition. She is receiving treatment for ongoing lameness issues at the Redwings Horse Hospital.

Yox: Dove’s daughter is one year old and keeping his mum company at the Redwings Horse Hospital where she is being treated for laminitis.

Horses in RSPCA care:

Lucy: Was extremely hungry and pregnant when she arrived. RSPCA and staff say “she is a very kind and quiet little mare”. Although Lucy was very nervous when she first arrived, she is now said to be “quietly confident in everything”.

She gave birth to a foal called Louis who is “quite cheeky” and playful.

Luke: This strong willed piebald was very thin when he arrived but is reported to have made a great improvement after a careful diet. However he is still very protective around food.

Lilly: She was very nervous to begin with but has put on weight and “looks so much better”. Staff say she is “super friendly now and enjoys nothing more than a good groom”.

Libby: Still quite nervous, Libby is said to be improve. Her weight now is better and staff say she often tries to use it to get her own way. She is learning that it “really is nice to be made a fuss of”.