Waterfront: Design students produce a healthy eating guide

Healthy eating is key for students producing new foodfile

Healthy eating is key for students producing new foodfile - Credit: Anne Green-Armytage Photography

A group of talented Graphic Design students from University Campus Suffolk have produced a Foodfile healthy eating guide.

The aim is to help food aid users cook healthy, affordable meals with the typical produce that is donated to food banks and voluntary organisations.

Second year students on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration courses at UCS have been working in with Suffolk County Council (SCC) to develop a concept that would tackle the issue of healthy eating amongst the individuals and families who rely on hand-outs from food banks.

The Foodfile is full of recipe ideas and healthy eating information, was unveiled during at a launch event held at UCS Ipswich on Wednesday.

The project was formed after four groups of students from the course pitched their ideas to the SCC Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS) who have funded the production.

Claire Tolliday, Head of FIAS, said: “There is an ever-increasing number of people who rely on going to food banks to keep going.

“It has been inspiring working with the UCS Graphic Design students on this project. They have clearly grasped the seriousness of the background to the work that they have been asked to produce, and this has influenced the end product which is excellent.”

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The group who won the pitch have been given invaluable experience of working with a client on a live project, arranging client meetings, worked with printers and tested the product – cooking all the recipes devised during a visit to Murrayside Community Centre.

“We are incredibly pleased with the result of the Foodfile Collaboration.

“It is a real credit to all of the students. It reflects well on all of them.”

Course Leader Nigel Ball said: “There are elements of professional design practice that need to be experienced in a realistic scenario for learning to truly take place.”

“Students drove this project from the outset and their professionalism has been outstanding. This last 15 weeks has been a truly collaborative project that demonstrates the student’s professionalism and employability, as well as their design skills.”

The students hope that in the immediate term, the ‘Foodlfile’ will support those people in Suffolk who are in a crisis situation make the most out of the food aid they are given. With a longer view, it is hoped the cooking tips in Foodfile not only help the user create healthy meals, but also demonstrate how individuals and families can make their limited budgets go further.

Second year student Susan Taylor said: “To have the opportunity to work on this live design project has been both an emotive and rewarding experience. Our whole year group has worked collaboratively to bring Foodfile from the initial design and pitch to a finished product, which we hope will be a valued part of the food aid service.”

The Foodfile Collection includes recipes for a variety of wholesome meals such as stews and chillis, pasta soup, couscous, bangers, beans and mash, curries, scones and biscuits.

There are also general food and shopping tips.