The last significant rainfall in Suffolk and north Essex was more than two months ago, a meteorologist has said.

Dan Holley, from weather forecasting service Weatherquest, said at the end of July, north Suffolk received 1-3mm and south Suffolk about 1mm of rainfall, but this small amount was not going to make any difference to water levels.

He said the last time the area had received substantial rain was around the Queen’s platinum jubilee at the start of June.

At the end of July and start of August, small amounts were recorded at Brooms Barn, Wattisham, Cavendish and Charsfield.

“This summer we have had odd days like July 31 where we have had some showers that give a small amount, but the rain we have had has been very infrequent and small and it all adds up to a very dry summer,” Mr Holley said.

He added even the storms predicted for the start of next week were unlikely to make a difference and could cause localised flooding.

Instead, a sustained and widespread period of rain was needed.