How to keep safe in Suffolk this heawave

People flocked to the beach in Felixstowe to soak up the sun as temeperatures soar in Suffolk.

With temperatures expected to soar, experts have been offering advice to Suffolk residents about how to keep safe in the heat. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Suffolk received its first ever ‘red’ weather alert, and experts agree that residents must take this warning seriously, and keep themselves safe. 

Temperatures are expected to peak on Monday or Tuesday, with some outlets predicting that those days could be as high as 40C.

How should I keep myself safe this weekend? 

Try to keep cool 

General Practitioner Dr Richard West said: “Heat stroke is usually preventable by keeping cool, staying hydrated, avoiding excess alcohol, and staying indoors or in the shade during the hottest part of the day between 11am-3pm.” 

Stuart Keeble, Suffolk County Council’s Director of Public Health, agreed. 

He said: “Those trying to stay cool should also avoid physical exertion in the hottest parts of the day, wear light and loose-fitting cotton clothes, and take a bottle of water with them if out and about.”  

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Keep an eye on those vulnerable 

Mr Keeble continued: “A heatwave can have a greater effect on babies and young children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions, so please make sure that you check in on anyone you know who falls under these categories.” 

Dr West added: “This is especially important this year for people unwell with Covid-19 who are managing symptoms at home.” 

Be vigilant against fire 

Jon Lacey, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service’s chief fire officer said: Please play your part by avoiding barbecues and campfires on dry grass or near hedges, putting out cigarettes properly before disposing of them, and calling 999 immediately if you spot any signs of a fire out in the open.” 

People flocked to the beach in Felixstowe to soak up the sun as temeperatures soar in Suffolk. Charl

Experts have reminded residents to be careful when swimming. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Mervyn and Anne Goodwin and Barbara Downey enjoying the sun at their beach hut in Felixstowe.

Experts advise residents to keep hydrated, and stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Exercise caution while swimming 

Mr Lacey continued: “It’s also really important to stay safe if you’re thinking of going for a swim to cool down, as around 85% of drownings take place in open water.  

“Many people don’t realise the danger to life posed by the shock from cold water temperatures, strong currents and uneven banks and riverbeds, and I’d urge everyone to follow guidance from the Royal Life Saving Society to help prevent death or serious injury.” 

Take care when travelling 

The Suffolk Resilience Forum advised that travel disruptions are likely, with people expected to flock to coastal areas.  

They advised that any unnecessary travel should be avoided on Monday and Tuesday, and that anyone who must make a journey should check for delays before leaving home.