Weather: Afternoon update and gallery - menacing skies on drive home

IT was still well below freezing as Suffolk drivers got ready for the end-of-week drive home tonight.

Leaden skies over the area brought fears of renewed snowfall – but most of that is predicted for Saturday and Sunday.

Gritting teams appear to have done a superb job during the day – and main routes, including the A12 and A14, are clear, I’m happy to report.

My route home to the Felixstowe area took me along Felixstowe Road and many sides roads there are like the ice rink at Portman Road, as slippery as you’d ever want them to be!

So do take care after you have left the main roads.

Even here there are tricky spots.

Where the Co-op Rose Hill car park meets Felixstowe Road, at the traffic lights, there is a large build up of snow which has been dragged into the main road.

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Anyone speeding through the lights could get caught out – and there are many pedestrians in the area – who may be slipping themselves.

In the Warren Heath area the main roads are clear – but the side roads are again treacherous.

The old A45 at Nacton is closed for Operation Stack and the delayed truckers who are awaiting a come-on to the Port of Felixstowe.

But police are allowing bus services, if not cars, through to the Trimley link road.

The A14 in this area is clear – but watch out close to the central reservation – there are ice patches.

Into Trimley and there is still snow on High Road, albeit much less than this morning.

Watch at the awkward turn left towards Felixstowe at the Trimley roundabout – snow has built up here and there could well be danger.

Earlier, drivers themselves were part of the problem on Suffolk’s roads.

Many had failed to clear their cars after overnight heavy snow – and as soon as they joined the county’s main roads it was blowing on to already-gritted carriageways.

This led to “mini further falls” on the A12 and A14 and the outside lanes of Suffolk’s main routes were covering over again.

One early accident, thankfully with no injuries, was on the A14 at Trimley where a car had spun off the road and collided with a hedge.

Police were happy that yesterday’s gridlock largely wasn’t repeated – although traffic appeared to be much lighter with people taking a long weekend and staying in bed.

Ipswich side streets were again treacherous.

Lacey Street, off Woodbridge Road, was one of the hilly Ipswich streets where drivers were having to take extreme caution.

One alert from me is for drivers to take care of their windscreen wipers.

In last night’s snow many drivers arrived home and left their wipers in the on position, meaning they risked losing their blades as they pushed against thick ice.