What are the hot topics in Ipswich today?

Monty the John Lewis penguin

Monty the John Lewis penguin - Credit: PA

Weather, John Lewis penguins and street art are all being debated on Twitter today. Here we bring you a round up of your social posts from in and around Ipswich.

The Ancient House, Buttermarket, Ipswich

The Ancient House, Buttermarket, Ipswich

Weather enthusiast Carl Harlott has been sharing his photos of a wet and miserable Ipswich as he debates when the worst of the weather will hit town.


But in a brighter post, he shared a sunny scene looking from Pinewood towards Felixstowe.


Staff at Ipswich Hospital have claimed to have taken Monty the John Lewis penguin under their wing. They shared a photo of the penguin, who has set up home on their children’s ward after shooting to fame in the Christmas ad last year.


A Leeds fan has been sharing his shots taken during the match against Ipswich Town last night, including one inside the dressing room.


Highlighting some of Ipswich’s brightest and most intricate landmarks, ArtyMoHawk posted two photos - the first being the Ancient House and the second of the street art in town.


She described the Ancient House, now home to Lakeland, as an “amazing historic building” and the street art as “groovy”.


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Karen Hughes got in early this week with her #ThursdayThrowback and shared a photo of the old Hollywoods in Ipswich. She said she “loved that place” and added: “I was there on opening night, so many memories. I even met my husband there.”


The quaintness of Ipswich was the topic of one Instagram post showing a quiet street, encased in a grey haze.


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