Why has Dennis lost his menace?

At just eight years old, Jacob Rush has taken a stand against the age of political correctness.

IPSWICH: At just eight years old, Jacob Rush has taken a stand against the age of political correctness.

Jacob, of Rushmere Road, took The Beano to task after Dennis the Menace, his favourite comic character, was given a less menacing makeover.

For years Dennis was up to no good with his peashooter, water pistol, catapult and his tormenting of Walter the Softy. However, now as far as Jacob is concerned, the children's icon has become a victim of the times, leaving him too nice to be naughty.

The youngster e-mailed The Beano and got his father, Mark, to follow it up with a letter of protest on his behalf, in the hope of returning his cartoon hero to his menacing best.

Mr Rush said: “Jacob was concerned about the changes to Dennis, the way he looked, and the fact he doesn't seem menacing anymore because he is not allowed to have a peashooter or bully Walter the Softy. For Jacob it means Dennis is boring. He doesn't want to read Dennis the Menace anymore because he's not interested in him.

“I consider The Beano to be a wholesome thing. There are a lot of other things like computers or games that I consider to be not as good. In a way they have put someone off the comic which is a shame.”

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Jacob said: “I don't like Dennis because he doesn't have his catapult or his water pistol anymore and he's not menacing enough. I want to see the old Dennis back.”

Sadly it appears his efforts are likely to be in vain as he has received a letter from The Beano stating they have changed the character's bad boy ways to bring him in line with the CBBC television series.

Around 18 months ago, a former editor of The Beano claimed the comic had become too politically correct and should return to its anarchic roots.

Euan Kerr, who edited the comic for 22 years, said Dennis the Menace and other key characters had been “toned down” during his tenure.

Despite Jacob being unable to return Dennis to his previous persona, the youngster can at least say he took on the establishment in the finest traditions of The Beano.

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