Why I don’t want to come a cropper

IT looks so tempting, but so far I have managed to resist.

Mainly down to fear of embarrassment – every time I visit there seems to be groups of teenagers hanging around.

This is the new Trim Trail at the outdoor sports site Eastward Ho in Felixstowe, which features ten pieces of metal gym equipment for joggers, walkers, anyone passing buy, to improve their fitness with a quick impromptu fitness session.

However, I know at least one person who has come a cropper on the new equipment – town councillor Sandra Bryant, who has been mercilessly teased by her colleagues since falling off one of the items and breaking her right arm at the wrist.

“I was just trying it out and it was one of those things – I was trying to steady myself and fell on my arm,” Sandra told me.

“We were dog walking and our dogs had all gone off for a run together and so we thought it would be fun to try out the equipment.

“There is nothing wrong with the equipment – it was just an accident. But there is absolutely no way I will be going on it again when I am better!”

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I have to say the equipment – put in place by the town council – looks excellent and our photos of the 1st Felixstowe Brownies enjoying themselves on it show its potential to be a huge bonus to encouraging excercise in these times of obesity worries.

Several of the pieces have stickers on to show how to use them, such as for sit-ups, stretching and balance exercise. Those that don’t are a bit of mystery.

It’s not just embarrassment which is keeping me off – I just know I would suffer a Sandra-like injury.

My wife Rachel always reminds me of the time, a few years back, when I spotted one of the boys’ skateboards outside the back door. I jumped on thinking: how hard can this be if ten-year-olds can do it?

She watched from the kitchen window as the board suddenly slid from under me and I flew up in the air and landed with a crunch on my side. My hip still hurts occasionally.

So no, I don’t think I had better try the Trim Trail.