Woman jailed for selling pirate DVDs

A BRIEF encounter with the law at Ipswich railway station has ended in another prison sentence for a woman peddling dodgy films.

A BRIEF encounter with the law at Ipswich railway station has ended in another prison sentence for a woman peddling dodgy films.

Jian Zhu He has been jailed for a third time after being caught selling counterfeit movies around the town's building sites.

Now, after her most recent appearance at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court, her latest release will be in 24 weeks time.

Among more than 150 dvds found in Jian Zhu He's rucksack this time were multi-oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire and Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise, as well as assorted porn movies.

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Suffolk trading standards officer Stuart Hughes tracked the 22-year-old to Ipswich railway station, apprehending her just before she was about to board a train back to London.

After a tip-off from a resident earlier in the day, Jian Zhu He was hunted down after visiting the Ramada and Fairview building sites in Ranelagh Road. She had also been to the old Paul's site on Ipswich waterfront.

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Mr Hughes said: “We drove around the building sites and couldn't find her. We left business cards at all the sites. We knew she was still going to be in the area because it was around lunchtime and she wasn't going to go without doing some more business.

“From previous dealings with her and others like her, we knew it was likely she wasn't from this area. Based on a hunch I went to the train station and that's where I found her around 4.05pm. She was about two feet from getting on the train.”

Jian Zhu He had 130 dvds of the latest movie releases on her, which she sold at three for �10, and around 30 porn movies. She also had around �80 cash when she was arrested on Tuesday, March 31.

Steve Greenfield, Suffolk County Council's county trading standards officer, said; "This is a fantastic result for the team. This result was only possible thanks to the knowledge of individuals and the determination of the team to get a result.”

Jian Zhu He, of Lewisham Road, London, pleaded guilty to four offences under the Trade Marks Act and two offences under the Video Recordings Act 1984.

Her two previous convictions were in 2007, which resulted in a 24-week jail term and last year, which resulted in 20 weeks in custody.

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