Woman treated for burns after clothes catch fire

IPSWICH: A woman was taken to hospital after her clothes caught fire

IPSWICH: A CONFUSED woman whose clothes were on fire was taken to hospital last night after banging on doors on an Ipswich housing estate.

The mystery woman was taken to Ipswich Hospital after knocking on an elderly neighbour's door in Woodcock Road on the Chantry Estate, Ipswich, at about 6.30pm.

Two firecrews from Princes Street were called to the scene and on arrival called police and ambulance to attend as well.

By the time they arrived her clothes were no longer burning but were still smouldering.

The woman, who has not been named, was treated by paramedics at the scene and taken to Ipswich Hospital where she was later treated for superficial burns.

Last night, residents in Woodcock Road were unable to shed any light on what had happened although reported seeing flashing lights nearby.

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A police spokeswoman said: “A confused female had knocked on a door in Woodcock Road. She had some burns on her body. It looks like they were possibly self-inflicted.''

A fire service spokesman said two crews attended scene but there had been no fire on arrival and the incident was considered a matter for the police and ambulance crews.

Last night, it was believed the woman, who lived in flats in Woodcock Road, would remain in hospital overnight.

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