Woodbridge: Pooch gets caught out by deadly adder in the grass

A family dog is recovering after being bitten by a snake while on his morning walk.

Much-loved Labrador Matrix was strolling with his owner’s mother in Martlesham when a deadly adder sunk its teeth into his right hind paw on July 31.

The spirited pooch did not react to what must have been a painful bite at the time and carried on with his walk.

However, after returning home Matrix became uncharacteristically quiet and anti-social.

His admirably large appetite was diminished and he seemed tired and disinterested in his surroundings.

It was then his owner Mary Crouch became concerned he might be injured.

The Woodbridge resident said: “His foot became very swollen and he seemed lethargic so we decided to take him to the vet.

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“He was put on a drip and given painkillers and antibiotics.”

She added: “They kept him in the surgery overnight and we got him back the next day.

“It really was quite worrying.”

The adder is the only venomous snake native to Britain. No one has died from the snake’s poison for 20 years in the UK but it can cause nausea, drowsiness, bruising and swelling – side effects poor Matrix is now aware of.

The Labrador is now showcasing a red sock on the effected paw to cover up his tender, bandaged foot.

And there will be no high jinks for the energetic canine in the near future – he faces weeks of keeping the paw guarded from the elements.

Mrs Crouch said: “The vet said he is going to have dressings on his foot for quite a while.

“The snake venom just destroys the tissues completely so it can take quite a while to heal and his foot isn’t looking too pretty.”

After his brush with the poisonous reptile, Matrix appears to be returning to his usual high spirits

“He seems to be much better in himself but he won’t be allowed to go splashing about in water until his foot has completely healed,” said Mrs Crouch.

The mum-of-one added: “I’m glad my son is visiting his granny in Scotland because children can get worried about things like this.”