Woodbridge soldier convicted of being drunk and disorderly for fourth time

Soldier in court for fourth drunk and disorderly offence

Soldier in court for fourth drunk and disorderly offence - Credit: PA

Abusing police while drunk on a night out in Ipswich cost an army engineer more than £400 when he appeared in court on his 26th birthday.

Glyn Jones, of Rock Barracks, Woodbridge, was convicted of being drunk and disorderly for the fourth time when he pleaded guilty to the offence at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The incident occurred in Cardinal Park on August 13.

Prosecutor Philip Pearson said in the early hours of the morning police were told about two males on the ground who seemed to be fighting or in a bear hug.

The pair were told to let go of each other and did so.

Jones began shouting, making snarling noises and became aggressive towards the officers.

Magistrates were told he then started screaming in the faces of police.

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While they were walking Jones to the police van at 2.55am he began to drag his feet so he would have to be carried.

Eventually he had to be forced into a cell at Martlesham police investigation centre.

The court heard Jones had three previous convictions for being drunk and disorderly.

Jones, representing himself, told the court: “I can assure you it won’t be happening again. I was drunk that night. I made a mistake.”

He said he had been in the army since October 2014 and is still to discover what action his senior officers will take against him.

Magistrates told Jones it was sad to see him in court and if he needed help to go and seek it.

Jones was fined £300 and ordered to pay costs of £85, as well as £35 to the victims’ fund.

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