Workmates fined £1,000 each after scuffle in Ipswich fish and chip shop

Three admit affray in fish and chip shop

Three admit affray in fish and chip shop - Credit: Getty Images

A man with a caution for battery was involved in an early-morning flare-up in an Ipswich fish and chip shop with two workmates, a court heard.

Richard McColgan, Kieron Taylor, and Donald McTaggart, all of Northern Ireland, must each pay £1,000 after pleading guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to affray.

The offence occurred on March 18.

Prosecutor Tess Mann said McTaggart and Taylor were in the chip shop at the Old Cattle Market.

Two other men were sitting on the window sill.

Taylor, 28, looked agitated and had a conversation with the men which became confrontational.

McTaggart, 23, went towards one of the men and punched him. Taylor pulled McTaggart away and assaulted the other man.

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McColgan, 21, rushed into the chip shop and pushed both men who were assaulted towards the counter.

Magistrates were told McColgan then joined in what was going on before being pulled away by another work colleague who was trying to split the fight up.

Taylor, McTaggart and McColgan had no previous convictions, although McTaggart received a caution in October last year for battery.

Dino Barricella, representing all three men, said McTaggart had paid £200 for a flight from Northern Ireland on the day of the court case to be before the magistrates.

Mr Barricella added: “I think it’s fair to say it was a relatively short incident, short in duration. It doesn’t appear there was any injury caused to the other parties.

“These three gentlemen had gone out for a pleasant evening. There’s nothing to suggest they had gone out that night to cause trouble or disturbance or crime.

“They had a pleasant evening, go into the fish and chip shop. Something was either said or done. It escalates out of all proportion.

“They start off in defence of their friend and go beyond that which would amount to self-defence.

“They are sorry for their actions.”

The men were working in Ipswich on contracts at the time and McColgan and Taylor will continue to work in the town for another six to eight weeks.

The court was told the victims declined to co-operate with the police inquiry.

Magistrates fined each of the men £835, They were all ordered to pay costs of £30 costs, as well as £84 to the victims’ fund.