Wrap up to warm up at cold town offices

THERE'S a chilly message going out to staff at Ipswich Brrrrrr-ough Council's Grafton House offices today.

THERE'S a chilly message going out to staff at Ipswich Brrrrrr-ough Council's Grafton House offices today.

Concerns have been made about temperatures in the corridors of power - so workers are being told to put on my clothes.

Following worries about chilliness in the state-of-the-art building, council bosses have taken action to address the situation that includes issuing advice to the scores of staff based there.

Suggestions involve:

Advising staff to wear multiple thin layers of clothing

Drinking hot beverages to stay warm

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Taking regular walks around the office to boost body-heat

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council conceded there was an issue involving nippiness in the lower floors because proposed retail units on the ground floor are empty and let the cold in.

The spokesman added that the building's heating is not on a seasonal time clock and works dependant on external

and internal temperatures, a system that prevents energy waste.

“We were aware of a problem on the first floor because the proposed retail units are empty but we have tackled this by insulating the floor,” the spokesman said.

“In a bid to be even more energy efficient we have asked staff to check that windows are closed if the temperature outside falls.

“Our advice for people to get up and walk around is sensible - sitting in front of a computer screen for hours without a break is not recommended,” the spokesman added.

The cold climate at Grafton House was flagged up to The Evening Star by a reader.

The reader, who did not wish to be named, said: “As they are unable to keep their staff working on the lower floors of Grafton House in a comfortable level of warmth they have instructed them to drink hot drinks, walk up and down the stairs and wear lots of layers of clothing.”

“Is this acceptable?”

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The move to Grafton House:

Ipswich Borough Council made the move to Grafton House in autumn last year.

The decision to move from the council's former offices at the Civic Centre was taken in 2004 after a survey revealed it would cost £13million to prolong the tower block's life for 15 years.

Grafton House is not owned by Ipswich Council - it was built for North West Estates who have signed a deal to rent the offices to the borough for the next 15 years.

There are 500 desks at Grafton House -many are used by staff “hot-desking” - using any desk that is free at any one time.