Yob terror forcing man out of home

A TERRIFIED man today told how yobs are forcing him out of his Ipswich home.Alan Bailey, 50, said he is planning to leave his home in Tyler Street because he is scared for his safety.

A TERRIFIED man has today told how yobs are forcing him out of his Ipswich home.

Alan Bailey, 50, said he is planning to leave his home in Tyler Street because he is scared for his safety.

He said an arson attack on his caravan is the final straw and he can no longer live in the Old Stoke area.

He said: “That sort of thing is going on every night. I'm just going to sell up and go.”

Mr Bailey was alerted to the caravan blaze at about 11pm on Friday when he heard glass smashing outside.

He added: “I heard a bang and I heard them smash the window. I think they poured petrol in and set everything alight.

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“We had everything in it as we were planning to go away at the weekend.

“We have had the caravan for ten years but it doesn't matter how old it is - no one has the right to do this.”

Mr Bailey believes if firefighters had not arrived on scene quickly the fire could easily have spread to his home.

He added: “Someone will be killed before long. I am scared to go out after dark.”

Mr Bailey said he is concerned the arsonists may have targeted him for some reason and he now feels he must move in case they return.

The fire outside Mr Bailey's home was one of a series of attacks in the area on Friday night.

A wheelie bin was also destroyed in Brickfield Close, mattresses were set alight in Purplett Street and fencing was burnt down in Rapier Street.

Meanwhile, firefighters tackled a number of other undergrowth blazes in Martlesham Heath over the weekend.

Crews dealt with two separate fires in Parker's Place near the control tower just after 6.35pm yesterday. One blaze affected 500 square metres of grassland, the other 100 square metres. Then just before 7.55pm firefighters were called to smouldering undergrowth in The Square.

At 6.15pm on Saturday in Manor Road 100 square metres of gorse caught alight.

Dramatic pictures of the blaze were taken by Evening Star reader Gary Fuller. He said: “Police were present to control the safety of everyone. The only real panic was the wind was blowing the flames towards the nearby gardens of the houses surrounding the green.”

Elsewhere a car fire needed to be put out in Surrey Road just after 11.25pm yesterday.

Then at 3am yesterday a crew was called to Conway Close, Ipswich, to extinguish another car fire. A fire service spokesman said the fire was suspicious. At 2.20am, a crew was called to Coddenham Road in Needham Market to put out a car fire.

On Saturday shortly before 11pm, crews tackled 100 square metres of blazing undergrowth at Cliff Quay, Ipswich.

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