Youngster trapped on window ledge

IPSWICH: When four-year-old scamp Kevin Sladino was told to shut his bedroom window by his mum, he did what he was told – but ended up on the wrong side of it!

With the youngster trapped on the ledge and unable to get back into the house, worried mum Annabella had no option but to call in firefighters to bring him down.

Last night’s drama at the family home in Cedarcroft Road left Mrs Sladino frantic with worry – and Kevin’s young brother and sister in near hysterics.

Mrs Sladino said: “He had been a bit naughty and I told him to shut the window. Then I saw he had closed it with him on the outside and I did not know what to do.

“I could not get him back in and his brother in particular was getting very panicked by what was happening. He kept saying ‘Kevin is going to fall down and die.’ It was very worrying.

“The fire brigade came very quickly and got him down. We were so relieved and it’s wonderful to have him safe.”

Mrs Sladino was carefully shepherding her children after the drama, which happened at teatime yesterday, and quickly went around the house ensuring there could be no repeat of the drama.

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“I have locked all the windows and made sure they can’t open any of them far enough to do anything like this again – it was something I don’t want to repeat.”

Meanwhile, Kevin, who is five in October, was just relieved to be safe in his home – not just looking in at it from the back window.

Looking slightly sheepish he was happy to just cuddle his Tellytubby for comfort after his ordeal.

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