Ipswich Witches 46

King's Lynn Stars 44

The high-flying Ipswich Witches won this local derby against King’s Lynn, but boy did the Stars give them a fright.

The home side trailed for most of the match and it took a dramatic finish before they finally got over the line.

Four points behind with two to go, they finished with a bang with a maximum 5-1 heat advantage, in a controversial heat fourteen, to level the scores and then maximum man Jason Doyle and new recruit Rohan Tungate brought the house down with the 4-2 needed in the final heat, to secure the win.

Tungate played his part on a return to the side and was also involved in the penultimate heat when the visitors Nicolai Klint was forced to go off a 15-metre handicap, for not being ready at the start.

When the race got underway Klindt’s team-mate Frederik Jakobsen made the start, but the Witches pair got under him on the second turn with Tungate blocking his outside run to assist the other new Witches team member Aaron Summers.

After the heat Tungate was involved in some finger pointing with the Stars Richard Lawson, who had blocked Tungate to try and get his team mate through.

It made for great entertainment and the Foxhall fans loved the theatre.

Doyle was sensational on the night, being unbeaten in his six starts, which included a tactical substitute outing in heat eleven.

The visitors relied heavily on Frederik Jacobsen at reserve, with his 13 point contribution nearly helping the witches Norfolk rivals pull off an upset.

The eleventh saw Doyle leading from Pickering before the Stars rider spun round with team-mate Jorgensen clattering into him. The Witches pair secured a maximum 5-1 in the re-run to half the deficit but still left them trailing by four points before the dramatic final heats.


Ipswich: Jason Doyle 18, Paul Starke 1, Danny King 5, Rohan Tungate 9+2, Troy Batchelor 4+1, Aaron Summers 6, Danyon Hume 3

King’s Lynn: Josh Pickering 1+1 Thomas Jorgensen 6, Ritchie Worrall 8+2, Nicolai Klindt 5+1, Richard Lawson 9+1. Frederik Jakobsen 13, Jason Edwards 2+1

Heat details

1: Doyle, Jorgensen, Starke, Pickering 56.5 4-2

2: Jakobsen, Summers, Hume, Edwards 57.0 7-5

3: Worrall, Tungate, Klindt, King (fell) 57.0 9-9

4: Jakobsen, Batchelor, Lawson, Hume 56.8 11-13

5: Tungate, Jakobsen, Pickering, King, Jorgensen (exc) 56.5 14-16

6: Doyle, Lawson, Edwards, Starke ef 56.3 17-19

7: Worrall, Klindt, Summers, Batchelor ef 57.7 18-24

8: Jorgensen, Hume, Edwards, Starke 57.4 20-28

9: Lawson, King, Tungate, Jakobsen 56.9 23-31

10: Doyle, Klindt, Worrall, Starke (ret) 57.5 26-34

11: Doyle, Batchelor, Jorgensen, Pickering (f,exc) 57.5 31-35

12: King, Jakobsen, Worrall, Summers 58.3 34-38

13: Doyle, Jakobsen, Lawson, Batchelor 58.0 37-41

14: Summers, Tungate, Jakobsen, Klindt 57.8 42-42

15: Doyle, Lawson, Tungate, Worrall 58.5 46-44