Jason Doyle raced to a 15-point maximum as Ipswich Witches went back to the top of the Premiership with another terrific away-day performance.

Doyle won heat 15 in style, with Danny King tucking into third as Ipswich beat their Norfolk rivals in a meeting that tipped one way, then the other.

Ipswich were good value for their victory, King, Troy Batchelor and Ben Barker in particular backing up their No.1.

The two sides met only a few weeks ago at Foxhall Heath, the Witches coming out on top in a last-heat decider.

And it was a pleasant night in Norfolk, the home side however dealt two late blows with Niels-Kristian Iversen (food poisoning) and Thomas Jorgensen (injured), being ruled out on the day. Chris Harris guested for Iversen, while rider replacement was used for Jorgensen.

Rider replacement was also being used for Ipswich's Paul Starke and it was the Witches who got off to a super start, Erik Riss and Jason Doyle gating to a 5-1 maximum.

Richie Worrall was the Stars first heat winner of the night in the next, as Danyon Hume was excluded for having both wheels over the inside kerb on turn four.

The Stars took the lead in heat three as Harris and Richie Worrall sped away for a 5-1 maximum as Danny King chased. Heat four saw a nasty crash involving Ben Barker and Jack Thomas, the latter hitting the back of Barker's wheel exiting the second bend. Both riders flipped off, but fortunately got back to their feet after a while, Thomas was excluded and withdrew from the meeting.

Batchelor won the re-run as the scores levelled and Doyle put the Witches ahead with a win in heat five before Batchelor and Barker stretched the Witches lead to four at 20-16 one race later.

King won the next as the Witches continued to see the chequered flag and the Suffolk side got lucky as Lewis Kerr packed up at the start of another shared heat.

Ipswich still led by four but a stunning ride from Harris and Pickering in heat nine levelled it up as they both passed the fast-starting Batchelor.

Kerr at last got his night up and running as he helped put the Stars into a 31-29 lead, while Doyle won again in heat 11. King looked fast as he beat Harris in heat 12 to level the scores with three to go.

Doyle held off the fast-charging Pickering as Batchelor held off Lawson and the Witches went two up with two to go. Barker flew past Worrall in heat 14 to set up the last heat decider.

Top Witch: Jason Doyle, did it again, with a superb 15-point maximum. What a great performance from the former World Champion, as his team-mates backed him up.

KING'S LYNN: Richard Lawson (0,2,1,0) =3; Lewis Kerr (1,e/f, e/f,3,1*) =5+1; Chris Harris (3, 2, 2*,2,0) =9+1; R/R; Josh Pickering (2,2,3,1*,2,2) =12+1; Richie Worrall (3,2*,1*,3,2,ret,2) =13+2; Jack Thomas (1,f/x,) =1, J. Mulford (0) =0

IPSWICH: Jason Doyle (3,3,3,3,3) =15; R/R; Danny King (1,3,0,3,1) =8; Erik Riss (2*,0,0,2,0) =4+1; Troy Batchelor (3,3,1*,1,1) =9+1; Ben Barker (2,1,1,0,1,3) =8; Danyon Hume (Ex,1,2,) =3.

*bonus point

Heat details

1. Doyle, Riss, Kerr, Lawson 59.9 1-5

2. Worrall, Barker, Thomas, Hume (ex) 59.9 5-7

3. Harris, Worrall, King, Riss (ret) 58.9 10-8

4. Batchelor, Pickering, Barker, Thomas (f/x) 59.6 12-12

5. Doyle, Harris, Hume, Mulford 58.4 14-16

6. Batchelor, Lawson, Barker, Kerr (e/f) 59.5 16-20

7. King, Pickering, Worrall, Riss 59.7 19-23

8. Worrall, Hume, Batchelor, Kerr (e/f) 59.7 22-26

9. Pickering, Harris, Batchelor, Barker 60.1 27-27

10. Kerr, Riss, Lawson, King 59.5 31-29

11. Doyle, Worrall, Pickering, Hume 59.3 34-32

12. King, Harris, Barker, Worrall (ret) 59.6 36-36

13. Doyle, Pickering, Batchelor, Lawson 59.3 38-40

14. Barker, Worrall, Kerr, Riss 59.3 41-43

15. Doyle, Pickering, King, Harris 59.0 43-47

Stars 0pts. Witches 3pts.


Ipswich 7 16

Belle Vue 7 14

Wolves 6 12

Sheffield 5 12

King's Lynn 6 8

Peterborough 5 0