Belle Vue Aces have drafted in British Grand Prix star Robert Lambert to face Ipswich Witches tonight as the side's meet in the second leg of the their Premiership play-off semi-final.

Lambert, who finished fifth in the world after the final GP in Torun on Saturday night, is replacing Aces No.1 Max Fricke. Originally Nicolai Klindt was supposed to be guesting for the home side.

It makes the Witches task a stiff one. The Suffolk side are 14 points down after a disastrous first leg at Foxhall on Thursday night saw the Manchester side as good as book a place in this season’s final with a 52-38 victory.

However, Witches team boss, Ritchie Hawkins, is expecting his side to give it their all and to show some fighting spirit, despite the position they find themselves in.

“We have already messed it up, so we have nothing to lose now and everything to gain,” he said.

“The pressure is off. We have had a great year together as a team and we have enjoyed being together and chances are Monday will be the last time as a one to seven.

Belle Vue boast a perfect home league record in 2022 with 10 wins from 10 and have handed out several heavy defeats along the way to their Premiership rivals.

BELLE VUE: 1. Brady Kurtz 8.55 2. Tom Brennan 5.86 (RS) 3. Matej Zagar 7.20 4. Charles Wright 6.42 5. Robert Lambert 7.61 6. Norick Blödorn 5.45 7. Jye Etheridge 4.76.

IPSWICH: 1. Jason Doyle 10.32 2. Aaron Summers 4.91 3. Danny King 6.57 © 4. Rohan Tungate 6.61 5. Troy Batchelor 5.57 6. Paul Starke 3.53 7. Anders Rowe (RS).

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