Newly-promoted Ipswich Town are set to share in a £103m windfall payment from the Premier League to its clubs.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire explained that, because Leicester City and one from Leeds United or Southampton - who meet in the Championship Play-off Final a week today -  will be promoted straight back to the top tier this season, the Premier League will save cash on parachute payments.

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They won't have to hand over £35m to two of those three sides in payments for their second season after relegation, or the £16.5m due to them in their third season after the drop.

Instead, that £103 will be shared out among the 20 clubs who make up the Premier League - which of course now includes Ipswich Town.

That works out at roughly £5.15m per team.

Maguire tweeted: "Leicester & one of Leeds/Southampton will be promoted to the Premier League.

"This will save Premier League £103m in parachute payments to two of those clubs.

"That £103m will be split between Premier League Clubs after a vote by Premier League Clubs. Self regulation = self interest."

On top of that bonus, it's estimated Town will make an extra £125m in their first season back in the Premier League, based on recent data shared by Maguire.

He said that figure had "increased substantially" over the last decade.