FAMILY success was the order of the day as 11 championship bests were set at the annual Suffolk County track and field Championships, staged at Northgate Stadium in Ipswich last weekend.

Carl Marston

FAMILY success was the order of the day as 11 championship bests were set at the annual Suffolk County track and field Championships, staged at Northgate Stadium in Ipswich last weekend.

Members of the Mortimore family, and the Bloomfield clan, were amongst those to re-write the record books as athletes took advantage of the warm conditions to post some excellent results.

The talented Matti Mortimore led the way in the under-17 men's age group. The Ipswich Harriers star set a championship best performance (CBP) of 56.96m in his specialist javelin event.

Younger brother Harri Mortimore set a remarkable three championship bests in the under-13 boys' age group, all in the field events. He collected his trio of golds and county championship records in the shot putt (11.63m), discus (28.96m) and javelin (43.64m).

Jo Bloomfield set a CBP in his familiar hammer event, claiming gold with a big throw of 58.55m in the under-20 category, and likewise there was a CPB for younger brother Frank Bloomfield in the under-15 boys' hammer (33.95m).

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Furthermore, younger sister Ellie Bloomfield, not to be outdone, threw a CBP in the under-13 girls' discus (19.29m).

Elsewhere, West Suffolk AC's Abigail Marriott scorched to a CBP in the under-17 women's 800m, thanks to a time of 2:17.5. Club-mate Samantha Milner won three of the field events in the same age group.

Competition was particularly strong amongst the younger under-13 and under-15 girls' categories. Two CBPs were registered in the under-15 ranks, due to Sophie Nicklin's excellent run in the 800m (2:25.7) and Holly Archer's powerful performance over 1,500m (4:48.1), which was well inside the English Schools qualification time.

Emily Lambert, of the Harriers, recorded a sprints double in the 100m and 200m, on each occasion just pipping club-mate Enya Moore.

Andrew Rooke blasted to victories over 800m, 1,500m and 3,000m in the under-20 men's age category, and West Suffolk AC's Eugene Mandaza impressed with 100m and 200m wins amongst the under-17s.

Angie Alstrachen set a CBP in the senior women's 400m hurdles (70.1secs), and West Suffolk AC's Tania Spurling enjoyed five victories in the same age group. Similarly, Kate Sealy won five golds in the under-20 women's section.

West Suffolk AC scooped 73 medals in total, including 36 golds. In addition to the aforementioned, Chelsea Wade (hurdles and shot putt) and Sarah Smith (long jump) spearheaded the under-13s, while Montana Jackson won the 100m and long jump (equalled her personal best of 4.96m) in the under-15 section.

Amy Donegan clocked a PB in winning the under-17 women's 300m, and West Suffolk AC club-mate Lizzy Harrison qualified for the English Schools with her clearance of 1.60m in the high jump. Luke Allen collected five medals in the under-20s.

Results from Suffolk Athletics Championships


100m: 1 E Lambert (IH) 13.7secs; 2 E Moore (IH) 13.7; 3 S Smith (WS) 14.4. 200m: 1 E Lambert (IH) 28.8; 2 E Moore (IH) 28.8; 3 S Smith (WS) 30.7. 800m: 1 M Soanes (WV) 2:45.9; 2 A Falconer (IH) 2:48.9; 3 C Jones (NJ) 2:51.0. 1,500m: 1 S Reid (BH) 5:25.0; 2 S Carson (WS) 3:36.0; 3 H Bawn (All Saints) 6:10.0. 70m hurdles: 1 C Wade (WS) 13.3; 2 A Falconer (IH) 13.7; 3 T Ives (BH) 15.8.

High jump: E Hutson (BH) 1.30m. Long jump: 1 S Smith (WS) 4.02m; 2 C Wade (WS) 3.87m; 3 M Soanes (WV) 3.79m. Shot putt: C Wade (WS) 6.86m. Discus: E Bloomfield (IH) 19.29m (CBP). Javelin: S Warner (BH) 21.17m.


100m: M Bartram (NJ) 14.7secs. 200m: T Rankin (HHS) 15.1. 800m: M Bartram (NJ) 2:29.7. 1,500m: R Tennant (IH) 5:08.3. 75m hurdles: R Forder (WS) 16.7. Long jump: M Bartram (NJ) 3.76m. Shot putt: H Mortimore (IH) 11.63m (CBP). Discus: H Mortimore (IH) 28.96m (CBP). Javelin: H Mortimore (IH) 43.64m (CBP).


100m: 1 M Jackson (WS) 13.8secs; 2 R Smith (WV) 13.9; 3 E Rogers (WS) 14.0. 200m: 1 E Robbins (WV) 29.2; 2 J Lawson (BH) 29.4; 3 E Rogers (WS) 29.5. 300m: 1 H Archer (WS) 43.4; 2 E Robbins (WV) 46.8; 3 E Lawson (BH) 50.8. 800m: 1 S Nicklin (IH) 2:25.7 (CBP); 2 H Pettersson (IH) 2:32.8; 3 P Davies (WV) 2:33.3. 1,500m: 1 H Archer (WS) 4:48.1 (CBP); 2 M Galbraith (IH) 4:58.6; 3 S Driver (NJ) 5:33.0. 75m hurdles: R Arbon (WS) 13.7.

High jump: B Yapp (WS) 1.45m. Long jump: 1 M Jackson (WS) 4.96m; 2 E Rogers (WS) 4.51m; 3 J Lawson (BH) 4.21m. Triple jump: J Excell (FHS) 7.80m. Shot putt: L Mallows (IH) 6.28m. Discus: B Wade (WS) 16.12m. Javelin: E Lawson (BH) 18.65m.


100m: J Hutchinson (IH) 12.2secs. 200m: J Edgley (NJ) 28.6. 400m: J Hughes (WS) 61.1. 800m: J Hughes (WS) 2:19.2. 1,500m: 1 D Jackson (FHS) 4:49.0; 2 S Dawson (WS) 4:40.4; 3 J Garvin (IH) 4:52.4. 80m hurdles: L Falconer (IH) 15.8. High jump: J Mann (KS) 1.60m. Long jump: J Scott (BH) 3.95m. Shot putt: 1 F Bloomfield (IH) 9.58m; 2 D Quantrill (IH) 9.44m; 3 W Owen (BH) 9.09m. Discus: F Bloomfield (IH) 33.23m. Hammer: F Bloomfield (IH) 33.95m (CBP). Javelin: W Owen (BH) 31.94m.


100m: K Barber (WV) 13.4secs. 200m: A Leigh-Pearson (IH) 28.0. 300m: A Donegan (WS) 42.2. 800m: A Marriott (WS) 2:17.5 (CBP). 1,500m: C Christensen (IS) 4:58.7. 3,000m: C Christensen (IH) 10:58.2. 80m hurdles: C Cattermole (IH) 13.0. High jump: L Harrison (WS) 1.60, Long jump: L Fox (WV) 4.34, Triple jump: A Donegan (WS) 9.54m. Shot putt: S Milner (WS) 10.78m, Discus: S Milner (WS) 32.51m. Javelin: S Milner (WS) 22.69m.


100m: E Mandaza (WS) 11.7secs. 200m: E Mandaza (WS) 23.6. 400m: A Kitterman (IH) 53.7. 800m: A Constable (IH) 2:03.8. 1,500m: C Darby (WV) 4:08.2. 3,000m: S Cheverton (CoN) 9:34.8. 1,500m steeplechase: A Dunbar (WS) 4:50.3. High jump: J Chrisman (WS) 1.72m. Long jump: R Macdonald (IH) 6.30m. Triple jump: R Macdonald (IH) 12.84m. Shot putt: G Coe (Diss) 12.01m. Discus: S Page (SHS) 23.57m. Javelin: M Mortimore (IH) 56.96m (CBP).


100m: M Castle (WS) 16.2secs. 400m: E Jennings (SHS) 61.1. 800m: S Jacks (CoN) 2:18.6. 3,000m: Z McLoone (WS) 11:17.1. 100m hurdles: K Sealy (IH) 19.7. High jump: K Sealy (IH) 1.50m. Pole vault: J Reason (SHS) 2.35m. Long jump: K Sealy (IH) 4.71m. Triple jump: J Reason (SHS) 9.02m. Shot putt: K Sealy (IH) 8.96m. Javelin: K Sealy (IH) 31.41m.


100m: J Hernden (RHS) 11.8secs. 200m: J Hernden (RHS) 24.7. 400m: G Baker (C&C) 51.4. 800m: A Rooke (IH) 2:06.4. 1,500m: 1 A Rooke (IH) 4:07.9; 2 A Ridley (WS) 4:13.6; 3 M Cripps (WS) 4:15.5. 3,000m: A Rooke (IH) 9:29;3. 2,000m steeplechase: M Cripps (WS) 7:06.4. 400m hurdles: M Davis (OP) 91.3.

High jump: C Trafford (WS) 1.70m. Long jump: L Allen (WS) 5.99m. Triple jump: R Graham (IH) 12.79m. Shot putt: J Bloomfield (IH) 13.36m. Discus: J Bloomfield (IH) 40.20m. Hammer: J Bloomfield (IH) 58.55m (CBP).


100m: N Sadler (IH) 12.8secs. 200m: N Sadler (IH) 26.2. 800m: S Colson (WS) 2:21.8. 100m hurdles: T Spurling (WS) 16.3. 400m hurdles: A Alstrachen (Gloucester AC) 70.1 (CBP). High jump: T Spurling (WS) 1.55m. Long jump: T Spurling (WS) 5.44m. Triple jump: T Spurling (WS) 11.67m. Javelin: T Spurling (WS) 31.44m.


100m: N Gillingham (IH) 12.2secs. 200m: N Gillingham (IH) 24.9. 400m: T Love (IH) 50.1. 800m: T Love (IH) 2:07.8. 1,500m: P Barker (SEP) 4:06.2. 3,000m: C Rooke (IH) 9:19.8. 400m hurdles: P Davies (OP) 85.9. Discus: M Fenton (IH) 30.53m. Hammer: M Fenton (IH) 54.78m.


IH - Ipswich Harriers. WS - West Suffolk AC. WV - Waveney Valley AC. NJ - Newmarket Joggers. BH - Brandeston Hall. HHS - Hadleigh High School. KS - Kesgrave School. FHS - Farlingaye High School. SEP - Saint Edmund Pacers. OP - Orwell Panthers. RHS - Royal Hospital School. C&C - Cambridge & Coleridge. SHS - Stowmarket High School. CoN: City of Norwich AC. CBP - Championship best performance.

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