Black belt club in active kids bid

IPSWICH's Phoenix Black Belt School has teamed up with McDonalds in a drive to get more children active this summer.

Stuart Watson

IPSWICH's Phoenix Black Belt School has teamed up with McDonalds in a drive to get more children active this summer.

Supporting the launch of Dreamworks' new animated film 'Kung Fu Panda', McDonald's is offering one free session of martial arts to all its customers between the ages of five and 12.

The scheme was set up by the British National Martial Arts Association (BNMAA) and is part of McDonald's ongoing drive to encourage its customers to participate in an active lifestyle.

Phoenix Black Belt School instructor Wayne Jordan said: “In the school holidays it is imperative for kids to have something fun to do. The summer is a time when many sports clubs, including martial arts, have a downturn in their attendance rates which means that there are more kids on the streets.

“We hope this promotion helps to raise the awareness of the benefits of martial arts to local young people. The Kung Fu Panda movie and this activity will allow the positive message and the benefits of martial arts to be spread across the country.

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“I like to think that whenever a kung fu film comes around we see an upturn in participation, I know going further back that the Karate Kid and (Jean-Claude) Van Damme movies really saw martial arts take off.

“I really wish I had started martial arts earlier in life. It really teaches youngsters some valuable things like goal-setting and a 'can-do' attitude.”

BNMAA chairman Paul Griffin said: “This project is a great way to empower children to become involved in an active lifestyles well as communicating the benefits of martial arts as a fun disciplined activity for the younger generation.”

McDonald's marketing director Alistair Macrow said: “McDonalds already has a long standing reputation for supporting grassroots coaching in football and this is an ideal opportunity to extend this focus on coaching into new sports.

“This is the first time we have worked with the British National Arts Association and we are very excited about supporting the good work they do.”

For more information on the one free session offer in association with Kung Fu Panda, please visit:, or

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