Brother and sister dominate county

BROTHER and sister duo Jorge and Claudette Reis are continuing Suffolk's reputation of producing top-level badminton siblings.

BROTHER and sister duo Jorge and Claudette Reis are continuing Suffolk's reputation of producing top-level badminton siblings.

Jorge, 16, and Claudette, 12, are currently both topping the county rankings for their respective age groups while, at the recent Suffolk Schools Championships, both claimed their singles titles.

Through their success, the talented pair are helping to maintain a long Suffolk tradition of producing gifted siblings in the sport.

In the past there were brothers James and Stuart Webber and twins Simon and James White, while, more recently, the local badminton scene has seen the emergence of James and Timothy Scott, Kate and Megan Clark, Hattie and Lottie Wade and Stephen and Timothy Leeks.

Jorge and Claudette, like many of the aforementioned players, first took up badminton due to a family interest in the game.

Mother Mandy Reis explained: “I used to play as a teen myself and I now coach. When they were about nine and six I bought them a badminton net for the garden and they would play all the time, the grass still has the marks to prove it.”

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When Adastral Park Badminton Club first started a junior section in September 2003 Claudette and Jorge became two of our founder members. There they quickly blossomed as players and soon became part of their respective county squads.

Suffolk Under-13 coach Linda Sheppard said: “Because we are the youngest age group for the county squads we often bring in players as young as eight or nine in order for them to develop.

“Claudette came in at a very young age and has been a loyal member of the squad ever since, constantly improving over the years.

“Her first match for the team was at eight years of age and all of our older players really helped to encourage her. Now she is doing the same for the younger players that we are bringing in.”

Suffolk Under-17 coach David Driver said: “Jorge is very consistent and is developing well as a younger player. In the last couple of years he has really moved on and has added most of the shots to his game.

“I tend to work with these players from 15 through to 18 years of age and the aim during that time is to give them the skills required for senior badminton.

“I would think that by the time Jorge is finished in the under-17s he will be one of the younger players that the county second team will be having a look at.”

Suffolk Under-13 coach Darryl Morgan has worked with both Jorge and Claudette. He said: “Their playing style matches their personalities.

“Jorge is a gentle and quiet lad who is developing into a very subtle badminton player with all sorts of disguise shots, while Claudette is a feisty little who has a very aggressive and hard-hitting style although she is constantly adding more shots to her game.”

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