Joy for golf and tennis fans as their sports look set for return next month

Golf courses are now re-opening but you still have to apply social distancing rules Photo: Getty

Set for a return next month hopefully for golf fans - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Golf and tennis fans will be delighted to hear that their sports could be among the first to return after lockdown - as early as next month.

Prime Minster Boris Johnson is set to unveil his 'roadmap' of a slow release of lockdown measures next week, and bringing back the 'rule of six' for outdoor gatherings could enable golf and tennis to return.

Framlingham Tennis Tournament is one of the oldest in the country. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Players could be back on the tennis courts soon - Credit: Gregg Brown

The rules would likely allow for the resumption of outdoor individual sports and those where competitors do not come into close contact with each other.

A new report in the Sunday Times stated this week that two-ball golf will return in England in late March.

Golf and tennis have both been banned during the lockdown but could be among the first to resume.

English golf courses have been in full lockdown since early January, while golf courses in Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland since December.  Golf is currently permitted in Scotland, but only under restrictions.

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