Holders hold on to make it through

BOWLS: The 72nd Felixstowe Open Bowling Tournament continued at the Felixstowe and Suffolk Bowling Club with the second and third rounds of the Men's Pairs.


THE 72nd Felixstowe Open Bowling Tournament continued at the Felixstowe and Suffolk Bowling Club with the second and third rounds of the Men's Pairs.

The competition, sponsored by R J Temple – Independent Financial Consultants – enjoyed dry conditions.

Last year's winners Clive Webb and Adrian Holden of the host club narrowly beat Graham Rowland and Calvin Kemp 23-21 in a hard-fought game and then narrowly overcame Jack Jermy and Robin Norman of Beccles, who earlier beat Clive Caley and club president Don Rednall, by 15-14.

Last year's runners-up John Doward and Alan Pile succumbed to Peter Box and Garry Cooper of the Roundwood BC.

Philip Last, runner-up in the singles last week, has progressed to the fourth round with father Norman after wins over well-fancied Dave Wellington and Robby Morton 26-5 in the second round and B Hunt and P Cook in the third. The tournament continues with the Men's Triples today.

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Results – Men's Pairs

Second Round Section A: D Baker, B Climpson 20 W Last, D Lilley 22, R Adams, B Adams 18 R Doggett, J Wells 23, J Mee, M Wright 21 K Wright, C Ramsey 18, B Insley, J Rednall 26 K Good, J Farrow 6, J Doward, A Pile 18 P Box, G Cooper 22, I Meikle, A Meikle 24 K Laws, E Beaumont 11, R Day, D Thorrington 29 E Titshall, P Morey 14, D Alcock, D Keene 13, M Saggers, C Rumsby 32.

Second Round Section B: K Blackman, T Ablitt scr A Poulton, P Fletcher w/o, B Wiggins, K Earthroll 25 P Ling, I Jacobs 16, G Miller, M Johnson 23 Chick, P Mann 14, M Banks, B Davey 13 C Powell, J Tibbenham 21, S Topple, J Barrell 17 G Lankester, M Howe 19, R Alston, T Kirby 19 K Frost, H Brown 17, G Rowland, C Kemp 21 C Webb, A Holden 23, J Jermy, R Norman 29 C Caley, D Rednall 5.

Second Round, Section C: J Lankester, D Cousins 20 W Stark, T Swift 17, M Ralph, C Catchpole 16 G Lord, D Curtis 18, R Bunt, P Cook 18 S Prentice, K Moyse 17, N Last, P Last 26 D Wellingdon, R Morter 5, P Gosling, B Mann 24 P Waterworth, R Hogger 15, A Cook, M Page 14 F Keen, P Baggott 18, M Rice, S Prentice 22 R Vest, S Barber 20, T Flegg, R Durrant 21 A Melton, B Browne 17.

Second Round Section D: D Annett, D Howard 16, S Prentice, S Mayes 25, L Allen, A Dunn 15, P Milldown, H Bales 20, K Herbert, R Davey 5 K Diaper, R Denny 28, R Maskell, J Shave 10 S Fuller, G Fuller 26, I English, D Smith 15 R Shepperd, D Hughes 23, J Chalk, J Gooch 23, R Barbard, B Box 16, G Barker, J Williams 25 E Gaynor, O Love 18, J Brooks, P Crisp 19 N Thomas, A Wyatt 16.

Third Round Section A: W Last, D Lilley 10 R Doggett, J Wells 28, J Mee, M Wright 24 B Insley, J Rednall 14, P Box, G Cooper 14 I Meikle, A Meikle 27, R Day, D Thorrington 22 M Saggers, C Rumsby 29.

Third Round Section B: A Poulton, P Fletcher 4 B Wiggins, K Earthroll 27, G Miller, M Johnson 16 C Powell, J Tibbenham 17, G Lankester, D Cousins 8 R Alston, T Kirby 23, C Webb, A Holden 15 J Jermy, R Norman 14.

Third round Section C: J Lankester, D Cousins 23, G Lord, D Curtis 5, B Hunt, P Cook 17 N Last, P Last 21, P Gosling, B Mann 17 F Keen, P Baggott 23, M Rice, S Prentice 11 T Flegg, R Durrant 25.

Third round Section D: S Preston, S Mayes 15, P Milldown, H Bales 14, K Diaper, R Denny 16 S Fuller, G Fuller 24, R Shepperd, D Hughes 6 J Chalk, J Gooch 22, G Barker, J Williams 23 J Brooks, P Crisp 13.

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