Best signing, MVP, biggest flop and more - our Ipswich Town 21/22 awards

Wes Burns picks up a couple of gongs in the Kings of Anglia 2021-22 Ipswich Town awards

Wes Burns picks up a couple of gongs in the Kings of Anglia 2021-22 Ipswich Town awards - Credit: Archant

Ipswich Town's season is over. The Kings of Anglia podcast team hand out their 2021/22 awards...

Ipswich Town's Sam Morsy celebrates scoring their side's first goal of the game during the Sky Bet L

Sam Morsy was one of Ipswich Town's best signings last summer - Credit: PA


Stuart Watson: Sam Morsy - He came in late to the party, and looked like a player that was still getting his head around the fact that he'd arrived in Ipswich in League One in the early days and months. I'm not sure he was jumping through hoops to leave Middlesbrough.

Once he got his head around it and the task at hand, he's really grown into being that influential captain and, if Ipswich are going to get out of League One next year, him being that beating heart and engine is going to be the one who makes the most difference.

Andy Warren: Christian Walton - Getting him on loan was a brilliant deal and signing him permanently was an excellent piece of business.

They've set themselves up with a top notch goalkeeper for many years to come, hopefully.

RH - Ipswich Town vs Gillingham

Christian Walton has been a superb addition - Credit: Ross Halls

Ross Halls: Christian Walton - It has to be Walton. He's a fantastic goalkeeper. That's what winning teams need at the back, and he's a fan favourite as well.

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Mike Bacon: Conor Chaplin - I really like Walton, but I'm throwing a curveball in here. As the season's gone on, I've been more and more impressed with Chaplin.

He's been in and out of the team, but whenever he's been in it he's done well - and he's a goal-scorer. They've been looking around for a number ten all season and I think Chaplin's the man for it. A really good signing and someone who will do good things going forward and continue to improve.

Mark Heath: Sam Morsy - After a shaky start, Morsy has become everything I want from a captain - leads by example, not afraid to get stuck in and play on the edge, and demands more from his team with an intensity that must be contagious.

Loved seeing him get forward more under Kieran McKenna too - if he can add goals to his game next season, League One will be in big, big trouble.

WINNER: Morsy/Walton share the award

Wes Burns wheels away after scoring Towns second.

Wes Burns wheels away after scoring Towns second. - Credit: Steve Waller -


Stuart Watson: Wes Burns - It has to be. 13 goals and six assists from playing right wing back, swept the board in the club awards, he's in the EFL team of the year. It has to be him.

Andy Warren: Wes Burns - I think you have to give it to Burns. I love watching Morsy, but Burns was almost too valuable at times.

After this season, it can't go anywhere else.

Mike Bacon: Christian Walton - If you don't concede goals, you don't lose games. He's made a massive difference to this team. Burns has done great, but it's Walton for me.

He can be the best goalkeeper in League One, if he's not already.

Ross Halls: Sam Morsy - He's a leader, and without him Town were rubbish. He drives forward, scores goals when he can and is a fantastic player.

That's what we've needed for a while - a leader.

Mark Heath: Wes Burns - Stop Burns from creating and causing havoc on the right wing, and you pretty much stopped Ipswich Town this season. That's the very definition of MVP.

WINNER: Wes Burns


Stuart Watson: Macauley Bonne - Burns could win all of these awards so far, but I've tried to mix it up.

On multiple fronts, Bonne surprised me. I didn't know his back story and how much he loved the club, so that surprised me. How good he was in the early months of the season surprised me too, as did how much he dropped off in the second part of the season. A surprise all round.

Andy Warren: Wes Burns - We all slept on Burns at the start of the season. Maybe because he was the first signing of the summer and it all got a bit silly after that, so the winger from Fleetwood didn't capture the imagination.

But he's certainly got our attention now - and he deserves to win this award, too.

Mike Bacon: Wes Burns - He's been outstanding, obviously. Did we really see him scoring 13 goals at the start of the season? Nobody thought that.

For me, he's been a surprise - I did not expect him to be as prolific as he has been. Nobody saw that coming.

Ross Halls: Wes Burns - Last season he scored six goals for Fleetwood, so no-one expected 13 from him this season.

He surprised us all, and everyone loves him.

Mark Heath: Kayden Jackson - No-one was talking about Jackson at the start of the season, he was on his way out of the club and trapped in the frigid, frozen wastelands of obscurity.

But he got a chance under McKenna and really took it. At the time of his season-ending injury he was Town's first choice and most in-form striker and now looks set to be offered a new deal. That for me is the very definition of a surprise package. 

WINNER: Wes Burns

Rekeem Harper on the ball.

The early signing of Rekeem Harper was an important one for Ipswich Town. - Credit: Steve Waller - www.stephenwaller


Stuart Watson: Rekeem Harper - I thought about a few options here. Yes Joe Pigott was a disappointment, but he never got a run of games, so I feel a bit sorry for him. Scott Fraser was played out of position, so I don't know if we ever got the chance to see the best Fraser.

Ultimately, I've fallen on Harper. Someone who came in for decent money as the starting central midfielder, but just faded and faded. He ended up on loan at Crewe, the team that's just finished bottom of the league. For all the expectations around him, to what's actually happened, he's been a big disappointment.

Andy Warren: Macauley Bonne's drop-off - My biggest disappointment of the season was just how Bonne tailed off.

It made me sad for him, and with him. 

Mike Bacon: Kyle Edwards - I was so excited by him at the start of his Town career, but with the injuries and whatnot, it's been so disappointing not to see him develop.

I think there's a real talent there, so hopefully we see it come through.

Ross Halls: Cup failures - The FA Cup games, Oldham and Barrow, were awful. We just about beat Oldham, and they've been relegated to the National League. Then losing to Barrow on ITV was just terrible after an awful 0-0 at Portman Road. 

Even the EFL Trophy and Carabao Cup were dreadful too - chances to go to Wembley, totally wasted.

Mark Heath: Rekeem Harper - It turned out to be a nightmare season for 'The Dream'. I picked him to be my MVP, but he ended up being one of Town's LVPs (least valuable players).

I hope that he can come back from Crewe, get a few weeks of McKenna coaching and improvement under his belt, and still be a success in Suffolk. He still has the pedigree and all the attributes. 

WINNER: Rekeem Harper

Janoi Donacien ahead of a Town throw-in.

Janoi Donacien ahead of a Town throw-in. - Credit: Steve Waller -


Stuart Watson: Janoi Donacien - It has to be, Donacien has to get an award. If you'd have said at the start of the season that Donacien would be a serious contender for player of the season, you'd have been laughed at.

But Donacien has been superb playing behind Wes Burns, the strength of that right hand side has been the combination of the two.

Andy Warren: Sam Morsy - I've given Morsy this for in-season improvement. He was given far too much hype for any player by Paul Cook, who said Morsy would make Town ten times better after that 5-2 defeat to Bolton.

That was far too much to be putting on one player. But I was also expecting more from Morsy in the first few months. As things went on and he was given more of a role in the attacking game by McKenna, he was exceptional. I think he's the best midfielder in the division, but it took him some time to show it.

Mike Bacon: Luke Woolfenden - I think McKenna's been really good for him and Luke's massively composed - a bit of Alan Hansen about him, likes to dribble with the ball out of defence.

I've been really impressed with Woolfenden. As a young player, with the ups and downs this season, mentally it could have got to him, but it hasn't. Everything's improved about him. 

Ross Halls: Portman Road - As we're all aware, Town's home ground looks nice now. Pictures are up - a very simple thing - and the stadium is cleaner.

And the feelgood factor is back. Fans just love being a Town fan again.

Mark Heath: Janoi Donacien - He's always done a good job for Town when called upon, but has had to take a very difficult journey to where he is now in terms of loans and being out of favour.

He's been absolutely brilliant this season, and is now a vital part of that Blue wall at the back which Town can hopefully use as the foundation for promotion next season - as well as improving his attacking play greatly. 

WINNER: Janoi Donacien