Omid Djalili to perform 'halftime show' at Portman Road

Actor and comedian, Omid Djalili Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Actor and comedian, Omid Djalili - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Comedian and Ipswich Town fan Omid Djalili will be taking to the mic in a "halftime show" during Ipswich's latest home match.

Speaking on talkSport Radio ahead of tonight's fixture against Cheltenham, he shared his love for the Blues who are his "adopted second team". 

The comedian tweeted on Monday he would see fans at Portman Road and asked if anyone dared him to "grab the mic" and talk to the crowd at halftime.

Mr Djalili, who also supports Chelsea, told the radio station: "Tonight Chelsea are playing, but I'm going to be performing a halftime show at Portman Road.

"It's a big decision, but Ipswich is my adopted second team. 

"You walk around on the streets here and see people have a genuine love for this place in the world."

On the Blue's current form and new manager Kieran McKenna,  Mr Djalili added: "He's brilliant Kieran, they're playing really good football, they belong in the Premier League."

The club tweeted in response the mic was "all yours" and has confirmed the comedian will appear at halftime.

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Mr Djalili told talkSport: "I've just had an email telling me under no circumstances am I to go on the pitch.

"I may literally be arrested tonight but I'm getting on that pitch."

Omid Djalili will be performing in Lowestoft on March 11, and in Bury St Edmunds on March 16