Spineless and shambolic Nottingham Forest display summed up the season for Ipswich Town fans

The Ipswich team huddle up before kick-off at Nottingham Forest

The Ipswich team huddle up before kick-off at Nottingham Forest

Finally, the worst, dullest, most frustrating season of the 50 I’ve been supporting Ipswich Town has whimpered to a finish.

The spineless, shambolic performance at Forest summed it all up. After conceding the first goal, we simply collapsed, and let the home team – who had looked as nervous as kittens for spells early on – trample all over us.

I had to smile at the Sky TV commentators, who seemed surprised we were so abject. “Mick McCarthy won’t accept this,” was their general message. Well, guys, lucky for you that you haven’t had to suffer this tripe all season, like us. It’s been pretty much as bad as that since August!

Just like against Lincoln, I sat and squirmed as I thought about armchair fans across the country watching our latest dreadful surrender.

As well as the players appearing not to have any fire whatsoever in their bellies, there were yet more mystifying tactical changes from McCarthy. How on earth did Danny Rowe, who’d shown promising touches in the first half, end up at left wing back?

But, at least we can look forward to happier Saturdays now, without the stress of watching our football team. It will be good to enjoy much more pleasurable activities, like mowing the lawn.

What will next season bring? Well, it seems as though we will have the same manager. As I’ve said many times, McCarthy has a huge rebuilding job to get the majority of fans supporting him again.

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Far too many terrible performances, so much negative thinking in selection and tactics and – most of all – the dismissive way he has spoken about loyal supporters, have all destroyed the relationship with fans. It will take a lot of excitement, and winning, football to mend it.

If the current transfer policy continues, then I really do fear the worst. We’ve been overtaken by so many clubs who’ve spent decent money, while we’ve lived off scraps. It hasn’t worked.

This season was our equal worst in the last 60 years.

Unless owner Marcus Evans changes his policy and invests significantly in transfer fees and wages during the summer, then it will be Town fighting to avoid relegation on the last day of next season. If we haven’t already gone down, of course.

Have a relaxing summer.