Jock on Tommy!

THE last time Tommy Miller crossed the border into Scotland he was wearing short trousers.He doesn't deny that his knowledge of the place is a bit sketchy, but that didn't stop him tackling our ten not-too-taxing tartan teasers.

THE last time Tommy Miller crossed the border into Scotland he was wearing short trousers.

He doesn't deny that his knowledge of the place is a bit sketchy, but that didn't stop him tackling our ten not-too-taxing tartan teasers.

Sportingly, the 24-year-old Ipswich midfielder took up the challenge and scored a highly respectable 70 per cent.

"Thank goodness for that," he laughed. "I'm more Scottish than I thought!"

The Easington-born player is bracing himself for a reunion with several long-lost relatives when he makes the return trip next week.

He admitted: "I reckon I'm going to need a few tickets. I'm expecting a few phone calls from family members who live up there."

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Miller has been named in a Scotland Future squad to take on their Turkish counterparts at Tannadice Park in a week's time.

He is delighted at the recognition, but added: "I reckon my mum and dad are even happier than I am.

"I qualify through my grandmother. That's my dad's mother and she comes from Kirkcaldy. I think she came south after meeting my grandfather when he was stationed up in Scotland during the War."

Miller accepts that England recognition is "a million miles away" so how would he react if Scotland coach Bertie Vogts wanted to cap him?

He said: "I would have to think about it, but it might be an easy decision to make if I've enjoyed myself up there. I might think 'Yes, I'd love to be a part of this'.

"But let's not jump too far ahead at the moment. I'm looking at next week's game as a trial and we'll see how that goes first. I'm going up there with a completely open mind."

Miller has had to put up with plenty of dressing room mickey-taking since his selection was made public.

He added: "I knew pretty much what to expect. It's been McMiller this and Tommy Mac that - all very predictable and it's been coming from all angles."

But the one thing Miller wants above anything else is to recapture his best form for Ipswich.

He explained: "Despite this Scottish thing I haven't been at my best all season. I missed a lot of games after playing against West Ham at the end of August when the tendinitis flared up again.

"I'm back playing again, but it's a bit of a concern at the back of my mind. The only cure is rest, but it helps if I make sure my quads are strong.

"I go into the gym and do special exercises, but I am careful to avoid doing that when I have a game the next day. I don't want to overdo it."

Despite his lingering fears, Miller has netted four goals this term in 13 appearances, six of them as a substitute.

Tommy's ten tartan teasers

1. What is the Scots National Anthem?

That's easy – Flower of Scotland.

2. But what is the second line?

Oh, I should know it. Jim Magilton was singing it when I walked into the dressing room yesterday morning. He went right through it. I wish I'd paid more attention. No, you've got me there. I'll need to learn the words for next week.

3. Scotland are playing Turkey at Tannadice Park. Where is that?

No problem with that one – it's the home ground of Dundee United.

4. Ipswich have had Scotland internationals in the past. Any idea which three were in the 1982 World Cup finals squad?

John Wark, Alan Brazil and, er (long pause), who was it again? Oh, yes, of course – George Burley. Imagine me forgetting that after he signed me!

5. Bertie Vogts is Scotland's manager, but who is his


Another German, isn't it? Rainer Bonhof? Oh no, he's the

Under-21 manager. It's Tommy Burns, isn't it?

6. When is St Andrew's Day?

You won't catch me there – it was the other day, November 30.

7. What is the capital city?

You'll need to make the

questions tougher – Edinburgh, of course.

8. Who is Scotland's most capped player?

Andy Goram? Is it Ally McCoist? No, I give in. (When told it is Kenny Dalglish he admits: "I should have known that.")

9. Who are the current Scottish champions?

Celtic. (When reminded Rangers pipped them on goal difference last season he shakes his head and says: "You caught me out.")

10. You qualify because of your grandmother from Kirkcaldy, but which football team is at home there?

East Fife? Dunfermline? No, wait, I know it – Raith Rovers.

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