Matt and Joseph star in Midlands

JOSEPH Rhodes and Matthew Vinter collectively produced outstanding performances in the final session of the Midland championships, taking nine wins between them.

By Debbie Watson

JOSEPH Rhodes and Matthew Vinter collectively produced outstanding performances in the final session of the Midland championships, taking nine wins between them.

Both Ipswich swimmers claimed impressive victories during the two-part event in Coventry.

Used as a great competitive springboard for future British swimming champions, the Midlands event saw hundreds of swimmers travelling there from all over the UK.

From this region in particular, swimmers from Ipswich, Stowmarket, Sudbury and from Deben (Woodbridge) were among those seeking triumph.

At the age of just 13, Matthew Vinter is already tipped for future champion status.

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He's been grabbing a lot of attention on the national circuit this year and might well be one of the names who'll be associated with Ipswich in the future, just as Karen Pickering is today.

He managed to accumulate a total of four wins during the Midland District Championship – in the 50m butterfly, the 100m butterfly,100m backstroke and100m freestyle.

He also claimed a number of personal bests.

Fellow Ipswich swimmer Joseph Rhodes also impressed at the event.

He claimed five wins in all, and also took several personal bests away from the event.

"I had my heart set on winning perhaps three of my events," admitted the 14-year-old. "but to take five golds was brilliant. I'm really pleased and it's given me a lot of confidence prior to the Nationals in three weeks time."

He added: "This is the make-or-break age for a swimmer really, and I feel I've definitely got what it takes to go on to greater things.

"I want to reach Karen Pickering's level and I'm prepared to give it all I've got. I'm training hard and hopefully I'll keep seeing the rewards for my efforts."

Matthew Vinter is also getting set for more top performances in the Sheffield-based National Championships.

He is focused on taking top place in at least one event.

"I feel confident about how I'm swimming and the latest wins have really helped," he said. "I believe I can definitely win the 100 metre Butterfly at the Nationals so I'm concentrating on that as my main goal."

Like Joseph, he is equally convinced that he can go all the way with his swimming career.

"I know I'm doing well and I'm certainly ambitious enough to take it to the top level. I know I want to swim for England – and that's my big ambition."

Full coverage of Matthew and Joseph's performances in the Nationals will be revealed in 'In The Pool'.



11-year-old girls

Sophie Poole, 1st 100m freestyle 1.05.52 P.B, 14th 200m backstroke 2.52.30 P.B, 4th 50m freestyle 30.78 P.B, 11th 200m Ind. Medley 2.50.07 P.B, 3rd 400m freestyle 5.04.08 P.B, 2nd 200m freestyle 2.22.59 P.B, 14th 50m backstroke 37.63. Stephanie Calver, 36th 200m freestyle 2.39.74 P.B, 35th 200m backstroke 3.06.10, 56th 50m freestyle 33.92. Kimberley Maskell, 24th 50m freestyle 32.56 P.B, 28th 200m Ind. Medley 2.57.34 P.B, 23rd 50m butterfly 37.05 P.B 20th 200m freestyle 2.33.21 P.B.

12-year-old girls

Rachel Keeley, 49th 200m freestyle 2.35.42, 25th 100m backstroke 1.18.94, 16th 50m freestyle 31.30, 5th 100m freestyle 1.06.75 P.B. Abby Maynard, 24th 50m butterfly 35.59 P.B.

13-year-old girls

Rebecca Harris, 26th 200m freestyle 2.23.84 P.B, 15th 100m freestyle 1.06.10 P.B, 16th 200m backstroke 3.07.17, 26th 50m breaststroke 42.46.

10-year-old boys

Andrew Bigley, 13th 50m butterfly 40.60, 16th 200m backstroke 3.09.38, 14th 50m freestyle 34.20 P.B, 16th 50m backstroke 41.17.

12-year-old boys

Tim Price, 13th 200m freestyle 2.23.62, 10th 200m breaststroke 3.05.75 P.B, 8th 50m breaststroke 38.73 P.B, 10th 100m freestyle 1.07.01, 37th 50m freestyle 31.48. Michael Pugh, 30th 200m freestyle 2.28.69, 9th 200m breaststroke 3.04.06, 18th 50m breaststroke 40.28 P.B, 9th 200m butterfly 2.52.58, 21st 50m butterfly 34.97. Harry Blau, 24th 50m butterfly 35.24 P.B.

13-year-old boys

Matthew Vinter, 1st 50m butterfly 29.39 P.B, 1st 100m butterfly 1.05.61 P.B, 1st 100m backstroke 1.08.04, 3rd 50m freestyle 27.91 P.B, 2nd 200m Ind. Medley 2.26.45 P.B, 1st 100m freestyle 1.00.17, 4th 50m backstroke 32.86, 4th 200m freestyle 2.10.17, 2nd 200m backstroke 2.27.36. William Boosey, 23rd 50m butterfly 33.08 P.B, 33rd 200m freestyle 2.23.92, 24th 400m freestyle 5.08.44, 49th 50m freestyle 30.04 P.B, and 39th 100m freestyle 1.05.80. Robert Nixon, 18th 50m breaststroke 38.71, 17th 200m breaststroke 2.58.03, 48th 50m freestyle 29.98 P.B, 22nd 200m Ind. Medley 2.41.94, 16th 50m butterfly 32.52, 13th 100m breaststroke 1.20.83 P.B.

14-year-old boys

Joseph Rhodes, 1st 100m butterfly 1.02.99 P.B, 1st 400m freestyle 4.23.73, 1st 50m freestyle 26.09 P.B, 1st 100m freestyle 55.65 P.B, 2nd 200m freestyle 2.02.23 P.B, 1st 50m butterfly 28.29 P.B. Matthew Paine, 20th 100m backstroke 1.10.66, 16th 50m freestyle 27.72 P.B, 10th 200m backstroke 2.28.81, 23rd 50m backstroke 33.39, 24th 200m freestyle 2.14.14. David Gallagher, 17th 100m freestyle 1.00.55, 23rd 200m freestyle 2.14.10.

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