The Bootleg Beatles at Ipswich Regent, Friday night.

The Bootleg Beatles. Picture: CHRIS HEWLETT PR

The Bootleg Beatles. Picture: CHRIS HEWLETT PR - Credit: Archant

As a lifelong fan of the music of The Beatles, I can’t quite work out why I’ve never seen the Bootlegs before – but what a fantastic evening at the Regent. They really become the Fab Four.

Of course there hasn’t been a real Beatles concert for more than half a century (unless you include the roof of the Abbey Road studio) but this show really gives you a taste of what it must have been like (and more).

It is a whirlwind tour through the all to brief career of the band – starting off with what is probably their signature early hit She Loves You.

The styles that the band adopted through their career are faithfully recreated – from Brian Epstein’s manufactured mop-top look of the early 60s through to the designer suits of the US tours and through to Sgt Pepper’s and finally the look of the late career of the band (by which time they had stopped playing live).

What is impressive is not just the sound of the Bootlegs – you could believe you are hearing the real thing – but also the look they project, right down to the left-handed bassist allowing “Paul” and “George” to share a microphone in the early numbers.

The show, of course, is full of standards that will be familiar to the whole audience – but what struck us on the way out was the number that had to be left out!

Trying to work out a favourite Beatles number is always difficult. Some are so identified with their author – Yesterday and While My Guitar Gently Weeps – that they have effectively been seen as solo tracks over the years.

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But the last number before the encore, Hey Jude, was really special as the whole audience joined in. A great night’s entertainment.