Capel St Mary: Orchard Players take you on a Jukebox Journey

Orchard Players present Jukebox Journey

Orchard Players present Jukebox Journey - Credit: Archant

The music of the 1950s-1960s is alien to most of the youngsters taking part in The Orchard Players’ summer show Jukebox Journey. Director Val Munns has had to explain what a jukebox is to some of them.

“You say ‘they play records’, actually do they know what a record is? They weren’t here in the time of the tape player. Oh my God...” she laughs.

We, sadly, all were so agree to move on.

Set in an American diner, painstakingly researched and designed by Munns’ husband Len, it harks back to the days when people would gather in coffee bars and cafes to listen to music on the jukebox - with the audience being made to feel they’re hanging out in the carpark.

“He’s a really good artist so he’s been quite busy... He’s had a couple of ladies up there, his harem,” she laughs, “painting with him.”

Running with the suggestion of doing something with music from the 1950s-1960s, the couple devised the show after spending an evening listening to tracks.

“We had a great time selecting the music,” says Munns while the cast twist again in the room next door.

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Opening the rock ‘n’ roll songs of Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and many others. The second act moves through the 1960s and the hippy era, including the music of Frankie Valli, The Beatles, Chubby Checker, the Mamas and Papes and many more.

“We’re doing a couple of things from Hair too but we’ll all be fully clothed,” laughs the Capel St Mary based company’s Hazel Hole.

There’s no overall storyline or script, although there will be some stories and comedy numbers included within groups of songs, played by a live five-piece band who may or may not be dressed in gear from both decades.

“It’s been hard work, there are a lot of harmonies and people have had a lot to learn, now it’s more a case of polishing it up,” says Munns.

The company is still celebrating winning a NODA for their 2013 pantomime of Ali Baba, also directed by her.

“That was fantastic. We knew we’d been nominated, we didn’t know who’d won it until the day so that was a YES moment,” she laughs.”

No pressure as far as this year’s pantomime is concerned then?

“I’m not doing it this year,” she laughs. “I can’t do a summer one and a panto in the same year.”

Jukebox Journey runs July 3-5 at Capel St Mary Village Hall. Tickets are available from 07754 175399 and on the door.

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