The best takeaways in Ipswich according to Tripadvisor

Ozzie Bozdag, owner of Codfellas fish and chip shop in Ipswich which is celebrating it's fourth anni

Some of the best takeaways in Ipswich according to TripAdvisor - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

It can be hard deciding what takeaway to go for, so here are some of the best takeaway choices in Ipswich according to Tripadvisor. 

Fish and Chips 

Ocean Fish Platter

Where: 43 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich

The fish and chip shop in Upper Brook Street is the most recommended in Ipswich on Tripadvisor. 

A fish and chip store in Highbridge has been approved by the town council.

Fish and Chips are always a popular takeaway choice - Credit: Archant

One review said: "Absolute superb evening. Food was exceptional, every meal was fantastic, and the staff made for a great evening."

Out of the 496 reviews on Tripadvisor, 439 were excellent and 31 were very good. 

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Ocean Fish Platter serves a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 

Ipswich Codfellas

Where: 31 Greenfinch Avenue, Ipswich

CodFellas on Greenfinch Avenue in ipswich which has received a London & South East Prestige Award. P

Ipswich Codfellas is a popular fish and chip shop in the town - Credit: Danielle Booden

With a range of choices, the fish and chip shop in Greenfinch Avenue has a five star rating on Tripadvisor.

One review said: "I have been using this chip shop since the current owner took over and has been consistently excellent for four plus years." 

Codfellas does a senior citizens special, which is served all day everyday for £4.50. 

Miller's Fish & Chips

Where: 137 London Road, Ipswich

Offering more than just fish and chips, Miller's has a large menu and includes a range of kebabs. 

Out of the 130 reviews on Tripadvisor, 96 of them are excellent and 20 are very good, meaning the takeaway has a four and a half rating. 

One review said: "I'm often wary of kebab shops that serve fish & chips, seldom are good but Millers is truly the exception."


The Pizza Loft 

Where: 1 Bixley Driver (Corner of Foxhall Road and Bixley Drive), Ipswich

The Italian takeaway in Bixley Drive offers a wide range of pizzas for a reasonable prize. 

The takeaway pizza shop has been described as a "little taste of Italy" by one customer on Tripadvisor. 

An important note is that customers are only able to pay by cash in the shop. 

Bella Napoli 

Bella Napoli has three shops in Ipswich - Pownall Road, Woodbridge Road and Queen Street - and all come highly recommended on Tripadvisor. 

Bella Napoli has three shops in Ipswich

Bella Napoli has three shops in Ipswich - Credit: Google Maps

With calzones, pizza, panini, fries and cheesy garlic bread on offer, one customer claimed it serves the "best pizza in town".

Out of the 81 reviews on TripAdvisor, 54 are excellent and 16 are very good. 

Tavernetta Italian Restaurant

Where: 10 St Peter's Street, Ipswich

This restaurant offers a wide range of Italian dishes with owners saying they hope to offer customers a unique culinary experience with genuine food. 

Takeaways are not on offer on Mondays or Sundays as the shop is closed. 

One customer left this review on TripAdvisor: "Excellent food, great atmosphere and the service does not disappoint."



Where: 46 Norwich Road, Ipswich

William Ruah's fish and game market is now the Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, the Maharani Pictu

Maharani is located in Norwich Road - Credit: Gregg Brown

Located in Norwich Road, Maharani is the highest rated Indian restaurant on Tripadvisor in Ipswich. 

The restaurant's website states that "the owners want to deliver a special experience to the people of Ipswich with traditional and contemporary curries, with a few little twists". 

One happy customer said: "Quality food, we has lamb curry and it was one of the tastiest curries I have ever had. The sauce was delicious."

ChutneyZ Indian Bistro 

Where: 54 Duke Street, Ipswich

Serving a variety of classic Indian dishes with the occasional modern twist, ChutneyZ is based in Duke Street.

Indian food on a table.

There are plenty of choices for an Indian takeaway in Ipswich - Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Of the 323 reviews on Tripadvisor, 270 are excellent and 26 are very good with one customer simply saying ChutneyZ was "the best". 

Customers are able to purchase a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 


Where: 17 St Nicolas Street, Ipswich

Zaika Restaurant in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich

Zaika is a popular Indian takeaway for the people of Ipswich - Credit: Archant

The authentic Indian restaurant is based in St Nicholas Street with the owners priding themselves on the quality of their food.

One customer said on Tripadvisor: "Amazing food, fantastic service, and great value."

Customers who collect their food and spend more than £20 can receive 20pc off their order. 



Where: 23 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich

Trong's is the most highly rated restaurant in Ipswich according to TripAdvisor members

Trongs is a popular Chinese takeaway in Ipswich - Credit: Lucy taylor

Located in St Nicholas Street, Trongs has a four and half star rating on Tripadvisor. 

It has received 641 reviews on the website, with 496 of those excellent and 92 very good. 

One customer said the crispy chilli beef they had from Trongs was "probably the best I've ever had". 

East Ocean 

Where: 25 Fore Street, Ipswich

"In my opinion, the best Chinese food in Ipswich" is how East Ocean was described by one customer on Tripadvisor. 

The takeaway does set meals for two, three and four people which come with set items and are reasonably priced. 

East Ocean also offers vegetarian choices as well. 

Mister Wing 

Where: 7 St Helens Street, Ipswich

Based in St Helens Street, Mister Wing is a popular Ipswich Chinese takeaway. 

Mister Wing is right next door to the Regent Theatre in Ipswich

Mister Wing is right next door to the Regent Theatre in Ipswich - Credit: Google Maps

"Takeaway was awesome. The duck was excellent as always. Dishes all fresh and tasty," is what one customer said about Mister Wing. 

If you decided that you wanted to dine-in at Mister Wing, it offers an all you can eat buffet.  

All ratings and reviews in this article were correct as of Friday, December 31.

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