Suffolk pub named among the 10 best gastropubs in the country

The Unruly Pig is celebrating after winning at the Great British Pub Awards

The team at the Unruly Pig - Credit: Claudia Gannon

The octopus is the dish to try at the Unruly Pig in Bromeswell - named one of the top 10 gastropubs in the UK. 

In a list put together by the beer company Estrella, the much-hailed pub was named 10th best in the country. 

TJ, manager at the Unruly Pig, said: "It is an amazing achievement, I'm very happy we are in the list and it brings in a great audience to try and see our foods. 

"From the guests we hear a lot of great feedback, which I think is well deserved and that's something we're proud of.

"We have lots of customers who are local, regulars who come back time after time, and for them, it's nice to see the awards we are achieving and the great standard of food that we are delivering."

TJ is general manager at the unruly pig in Bromeswell

TJ is general manager at the Unruly pig - Credit: Copyright Claudia Gannon 2020

"It's also nice for everyone in the team to get this recognition and really be proud, it's a nice thing for everyone, especially at this time of year and really uplifting for the whole team."

TJ added: "I'm not in the kitchen, but if someone asked me what to have, I'd definitely recommend the octopus — it is a great dish, one of our chef's staples that's always on the menu. He changes its seasonality with the ingredients, but it's a great dish to try. 

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"We also have a lovely halibut dish served with seaweed potatoes, crispy seaweed and ham hock. 

"If you aren't so into fish, I'd go for the black pork, which is full of flavour and really nice cut of meat. 

"We also have a hot chocolate mouse made from pump street chocolate, with a pistachio ice-cream served with aero bar and pistachios. That's a lovely desert."

Speaking of rising Covid rates and concerns, he said: "We do continue to wear masks, and temperature check our guests on arrival.

"We have sectioned booths so guests are secluded from each other and we have just implemented a very expensive air extraction system.

"A lot of our guests feel very safe coming here, and that's what we want to achieve and maintain."

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