IPSWICH: So have these 70s rock gods still got it? Oh Yes!

IPSWICH: Enchanted and enlightened, the Ipswich crowd went home happy after a magical journey through its musical youth.

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, giants from the age of progressive rock, turned in an exquisite performance in front of more then 600 adoring fans.

The heartbeat of Yes – classic musicians who brought new-age rock to millions around the world four decades ago – are still wowing the crowds and making fine music to this day.

Maestro Wakeman, who lives on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, tinkles his way around the keyboards like the long-haired youngster of yesteryear.

He’s had an amazing career, including periods as a solo artist, but has teamed up with frontman guitarist and singer Anderson for an extensive pre-Christmas tour of the UK.

Anderson’s hauntingly beautiful voice is like vintage wine – and seems to grow more perfect with age.

He lives in California now – but is loving life on the road with the eccentric Wakeman. Rick writes the tunes, Jon pens the lyrics before they play together, cracking jokes along the way.

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And what heavenly stuff it is – an appropriate adjective in that Jon sees music as a route to the divine – and who could argue with his spiritualism?

This music is all-conquering – powerful to the point of poignancy. Jon sees music as an all-powerful force for good – well done him.

A tear rolled down my cheek at the beauty of Forever, from the pair’s new album, The Living Tree. I bought the music on the spot!

Taking the theme of a Yes track, this is truly a Wondrous Story.

All the tracks from the Living Tree were played as were old favourites Yours is No Disgrace, Starship Trooper and Roundabout.

Unusually, I found myself loving the new stuff as much as the old – as did many in the crowd who delivered a standing ovation at the end of a two-hour set.

The triumph of the night was that two men, with just a couple of acoustic guitars, two keyboards and a voice burnished with gold, could sound like a concert orchestra.

A truly magical night, guys, now I’m off to spend the night high up in the Living Tree.