Ipswich: Stunning performance from pop idol Will Young at Regent Theatre

Will Young, Ipswich Regent,Last night

Incredible as it may seem velvet-voiced Will Young has been wowing crowds for almost a decade.

Time flies when you are having such fun and for Will, 32, ten years have raced by as he’s bounced bopped on a glorious musical journey.

Pop Idol 2002 winner Will last night thrilled a sell-out Ipswich crowd of more than 1,600 people.

This was a musical super-show with hits and news songs combining in joyous harmony. I’m sure many in the crowd were close to tears as some of the words and music combined.

This was Will’s first return to Suffolk since a celebrated Regent gig in 2008 - and, if anything, the passion of his fans has grown even stronger.

The throng was on its feet from first number and danced and swayed through a 90-minute set.

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Will’s voice is the crowning glory but the musicianship of his eight-piece band has to be applauded. The band’s skills came shining through in a stunning cover of Come On Baby Light My Fire and Who Am I.

But I couldn’t pinpoint a less than brilliant song all night, not a note out of place.

Will remains a spellbinding spectacle, utterly at the top of his game and I’m sure all his fans would turn up every night if they could. A small team go to every tour date!

After an hour or so Will changed shirt and donned a jacket for his final numbers and the wine-like voice seemed to transcend on to a higher plain.

This veteran rocker still loves his powerhouse tracks but the pitch and passion in Will’s voice and the quality of the music melt all hearts, mine included. This was another fabulous Regent night!

Come back soon, Will, you said you adore us but Ipswich truly loves you!

Nigel Pickover

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