Is it Fake news or just Hearsay? Alexander O’Neal rocks audiences at Ipswich Regent

The Regent Theatre, Ipswich

The Regent Theatre, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

When Alexander O’Neal hit the Ipswich Regent last night it was definitely Hearsay - in fact, 30 years of Hearsay.

The American-born soul legend, complete with his seven piece band and three backing singers, treated the audience to a night of soul music to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his legendary Hearsay album.

It was an album that sold over 700,000 copies, and gave us seven charting singles, during the late eighties.

The lively Ipswich Regent crowd were there to party and were on their feet from the moment Alex and the band took to the stage.

Rocking through hit after hit - What Can I Say To Make You Love Me, Hearsay, The Lovers and a great duet, with backing singer El, of Never New Love Like This.

Sixty-three-year-old Alexander took a short break whilst his superb backing singers and band took centre stage to effortlessly perform a melody of songs in tribute to departed singers including Michael Jackson, George Michael, David Bowie, Prince and Earth Wind and Fire’s Maurice White.

Alex returned on stage to slow the tempo down with the fabulous ballads Sunshine and Crying Overtime.

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It was then time to close the show with Saturday Love and the audience pleasing Criticize before the encore of possibly his greatest hit, Fake.