Joanna Lumley, Ipswich Regent review: “A fabulous evening, darling”

Joanna Lumley Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Joanna Lumley Credit: Ian West/PA Wire - Credit: Archant

Joanna Lumley jogged onto the stage at the Regent last night exuding boundless energy and looking fabulous in sparkly trainers.

Joanna’s first one woman show, It’s All About Me, begins with her describing her career, from a failed audition for RADA right through to Ab Fab.

She recalls the spirit of the swinging sixties when she started out as a model.

She was taught how to catalogue model, ‘there was a lot of smiling holding fruit’ and how to get out of a car; ‘not like Markle,’ she laughs.

She races through anecdotes about working on the Avengers, where she did many of her own stunts, including being flown around Oxfordshire holding on to a helicopter ladder.

In the second half she answers questions from the audience – many of whom would love to know how she stays looking so youthful at 72 (she swears by Astral moisturiser).

It’s Joanna’s spirit that keeps her youthful too. Her obvious lust for life, for adventure, for laughter.

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Her warmth and wit is engaging and you can’t help but smile and laugh along with her. A fabulous evening, darling.

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