Join Cinders at the ball

“JUST dancing and being in the show is so much easier than actually putting on a show; I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody,” laughs Cinderella director and choreographer Suzie Lowe.

I’ve caught the 26-year-old mastermind behind this year’s Dennis Lowe Theatre Company production in the middle of frantically answering e-mails about the set.

With two weeks of hard work left, putting the final touches to the traditional rags to riches story of down-trodden Cinderella, she’s happy with how it’s going.

“It’s all good. It’s a lot of hard work but really satisfying. I always feel relief when we’ve moved into the theatre, you’ve done your first dress rehearsal and you know it’s going to be all right – and I’m always like ‘right done now’.”

The company have been rehearsing since the end of September and move into Felixstowe’s Spa Pavilion Monday.

“I’ve just finished Streetwise Inc Live. The show itself was amazing but, in all honesty I’ll never do two shows so close together ever again. It’s very difficult to juggle.”

She’s surrounded by binders bulging with paperwork, with rows of costumes taking over the conservatory.

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“Lots of costumes,” she giggles. “Our wardrobe lady, Maureen, got help this year in Jane. Maureen’s made most of the principal costumes, Jane’s making a set of dancers’ costumes as we speak. A lot we get from wardrobe which is in the roof, the garage, the Wendy house...”, she trails off. “And things do get made.” She’s adamant about not messing with Cinders’ story.

Under the thumb of her horrible step-sisters and step-mum, her wishes for happiness come to nothing until her fairy godmother saves the day – making sure she gets to the ball where true love waits.

Suzie promises lots of singing, dancing and slapstick.

“I think the kids are going to love painting the parlour. You’ve got paste, buckets, ladders, wallpaper, it gets so messy we have to put a sheet on the floor.

“I hope they’re going to enjoy the transformation, where the fairy turns all the bits into the carriage and horse, which we’re doing by animation so fingers crossed that’ll be a really nice part as well. “It’s basically a projection on to a gauze on the stage. That’s quite exciting,

“We’ve got songs from all sort of things – Hairspray, Dirty Dancing, Madonna tracks, some more traditional songs as well, the Friends’ theme tune.”

Suzie, who will also be choreographing Felixstowe’s Summer Youth Project and a summer show with the theatre company says the panto offers the perfect escape from winter’s woes. “If you want to come and have a giggle and a bit of time out from the hard graft, coldness and horribleness that is outside come and see us.”

Cinderella runs at the Spa Pavilion from December 18-January 3.