11 of the best lunchtime deals in Ipswich - from sandwiches and sushi to burgers

You can have lunch for £5.50 at Revolution Picture: JUDY RIMMER

You can have lunch for £5.50 at Revolution Picture: JUDY RIMMER - Credit: Archant

Do you need to grab a quick lunch? We’ve put together some of the best current lunchtime meal deals in Ipswich - ranging from sandwiches to sit-down meals.

A meal deal from Greggs in Ipswich Picture: JUDY RIMMER

A meal deal from Greggs in Ipswich Picture: JUDY RIMMER - Credit: Archant

Offers do sometimes change, and you also need to check exactly which items are included. It's all too easy to pick up something which doesn't have a sticker on the shelf to say it is in the offer!

Boots - £3.39 or less

The Boots meal deal has been going for 20 years, and although there have been a few price rises along the way it is still great value. The current deal includes a main, which could be a sandwich, wrap, sushi or pasta salad. You can also choose a snack, selecting from both savoury and sweet items, ranging from crisps to yoghurts or cereal bars, and a drink - the options include fairly large bottles of juices and smoothies.

As it is currently Veganuary, Boots has recently introduced more vegan options within the range. If you choose more expensive items from the range, you can easily end up getting a £6 or £7 lunch for £3.39.

Greggs in Upper Brook Street Picture: JUDY RIMMER

Greggs in Upper Brook Street Picture: JUDY RIMMER - Credit: Archant

Costa - £4.95

The popular coffee chain, which has branches in Queen Street, Carr Street and within Debenhams in Westgate Street, currently has a £4.95 lunchtime deal to tempt those on their lunch break.

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For the inclusive price of just under a fiver, you can buy a selected main, including options such as soup, toasties, sandwiches or a vegan chili, beans and rice pot, together with a coffee or a bottled drink. Also included is a snack, which could be fruit or crisps,

Greggs - £3.25

Love Thy Burger has a new lunchtime deal Picture: JUDY RIMMER

Love Thy Burger has a new lunchtime deal Picture: JUDY RIMMER - Credit: Archant

The current Greggs "Sandwich deal" includes selected cold sandwiches, which could be baguettes, subs and wraps, as well as some pasta dishes. You get a drink included with your choice of main - there are lots of options including juices and fizzy drinks. The chain has town-centre stores in Westgate Street and Upper Brook Street.

Revolution Ipswich - from £5.50

If you are looking for a sit-down lunch, Revolution is currently offering a daily lunch deal. Ask for their £5.50 menu and you can choose from various items, including wraps and salads, together with a soft drink. You can upgrade to a cocktail or a pint of Amstel for an extra £2.

Love Thy Burger - £5.90

This burger restaurant in Westgate Street has launched a new lunch box deal with a choice of burgers served with rosemary fries, available for £5.90 from 12 noon to 4pm daily. All the burgers in the offer are made with meat sourced from local butchers and pressed on-site daily.

Tesco - £3 or less

Tesco's current meal deal includes a selected sandwich, wrap, salad or pasta, together with a sweet or savoury snack and a drink. Sandwich options currently include chicken and chorizo, tuna and sweetcorn and a vegan sandwich with hummus and harissa.

Sainsbury's - £3 or less

The Sainsbury's lunch deal is extremely similar to the Tesco offer, and identically priced. It includes selected sandwiches or pasta dishes, plus crisps or a fruit bag and selected drinks. Current sandwich options include chicken with stuffing and a vegan sandwich with smokey carrot and a creamy spread.

Fresh Fillaz - £3.50

It's not just national sandwich chains which offer special lunch deals. This sandwich bar in Coytes Gardens offers selected sandwiches, crisps or fruit and a can of drink for a set price.

Subway - option of £1 upgrade

Not all special lunch deals involve a set price. At Subway, you can currently pay an extra £1 on top of the price of your sandwich to include a drink and a cookie or crisps. They also do other upgrades and their offers can vary, so it's worth checking which is the best deal for the items you want. Subway has stores in Queen Street, Sailmakers and Cardinal Park.

Chopstix Noodle Bar - option of £1 upgrade

Like Subway, Chopstix, which has a store in Sailmakers, is currently offering an option of adding £1 to the price of your main dish to add a drink and a side.

Spoons World Buffet - from £7.99

If you're feeling hungry and looking for a special lunch out, Spoons World Buffet in St Matthew's Street offers a set-price lunch menu. The buffet includes dishes from around the globe, including Chinese, Italian, Indian and Japanese food and traditional British roasts. The menu costs £7.99 from Monday to Thursday and £8.99 on Fridays and Saturdays.

- What's your favourite place to have lunch? Let us know.

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