Review: Comedian Omid Djalili at Ipswich’s the Regent

Comedian Omid Djalili

Comedian Omid Djalili - Credit: Archant

Questions must be raised when the warm-up comedian gets more laughs than the headliner.

For all Omid Djalili’s musings on life, relationships and ageing; 30 minutes after the show I was struggling to recall much that was laugh-out loud funny.

Perhaps that’s my mistake for expecting too much; instead the audience at the Regent got an evening of ramblings – some clever, but some with tired references.

There’s talent in this Iranian-born comedian, something he still too readily plays off, but where was the show’s structure and direction?

The performance started at 8pm but it wasn’t until 8.45pm that the audience got the comedian they thought they were paying to see.

Still, opener Boothby Graffoe’s set was funny. Taking the mickey out of neighbouring towns always works, and it did here. With the previous show’s Lowestoft gig getting a good mention and kicking.

There were surreal moments too – with the German baby sketch leaving many cackling in a ‘what was all that about’ way.

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By the time Djalili got into his stride he was making mandatory remarks on the Islamic State as well as a funny reference to a Gainsborough resident.

But of the few current affairs quips, why refer to Chris Huhne’s eight-month jail sentence for asking his then-wife to take his speeding points? Something that first hit the headlines in 2011.

The deeper and more philosophical parts had some traction but sadly it feels that the 49-year-old is torn between aspiring to be something more serious and the dumb-fun dancing interludes which were a success.

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