Review: Dylan Moran, Ipswich Corn Exchange Thursday, November 29 2018

Dylan Moran

Dylan Moran - Credit: Archant

Leaving a packed out Ipswich Corn Exchange with a face aching from a permanently etched smile over the course of 90 minutes of Dylan Moran’s ramblings, proof of a good comedy gig rarely comes as stark as this.

But from the moment he ambled on stage discussing the levels of eclair rankings at various supermarkets, to the moment he staggered off it, the Irish funnyman was ablaze with his inimitable warblings.

The Dr Cosmos show largely centres around his experience of aging and love, taking a sideways swipe at the madness of life as couple with a knowing nod to being one of those very souls himself.

A few Brexit and Donald Trump gags sets the doom and gloom nice and early, before launching into a rib-achingly accurate, if off-beat stance, on why women are always right, the awkward experience of meeting fellow husbands at dinner parties, and why a 6.30am date over a bowl of Coco Pops will really find out what your partner is about.

It’s where the Black Books and Shaun of the Dead star is at his finest.

His utterly unique similes and expertly exaggerated scenarios are delivered masterfully to depict those ludicrous little moments in modern life to which everyone can relate.

Particular highlights have to go to his spot-on impression of why cats are like Alan Rickman, and the “Chernobyl with priests” existence that was growing up in Ireland.

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But don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself – not to be missed.

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