Review: Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse delight the Regent on Saturday

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as DJs Smashie and Nicey

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as DJs Smashie and Nicey - Credit: Archant

There was a riot of laughter at the Regent on Saturday night when Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse came to town.

Fresh into their first-ever live tour, the comedy TV favourites were a hit with a packed crowd. They delighted with a fast-moving show running through scenes at a breathless pace. All the old characters from their 90s heyday were there, including Loadsamoney, Smashie and Nicey and The Scousers.

With their catchphrases having entered the nation’s lexicon long ago it was no surprise of the audience’s enamour for the duo.

Some comics make mistakes and momentum is lost, but not here. The errors, with Enfield being particularly culpable, added to the show’s buzz. Camaraderie, chumminess, being mates - whatever you want to call it, Enfield and Whitehouse have it, evident with all their onstage, scripted or not, bickering

Starting the evening powered by mobility scooters, the Old Gits made reference to the duo’s middle-age which was a feature elsewhere.

And while The Women Know Your Limits spoof information film got laughs, it made you think about today’s values as it relied on two white men in their 50s talking down to a younger woman.

But both Enfield and Whitehouse were on form, with the latter’s vocal dexterity being particularly skilful. To be critical the second-half was slower than the first and less funny.

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Although the majority of the scenes were carefully edited the show could have had 10 minutes cut and no one would have complained.

The tour is to mark the pair’s 25th anniversary of working together, and with their halcyon TV days long behind him this method of laughter may be one to invest in.

Matt Hunter