REVIEW: Jason Manford, Ipswich Regent, December 4-5

Jason Manford

Jason Manford - Credit: Archant

Jason Mango’s, sorry Manford, delivered once again at the Regent with his understated approach to observational comedy.

The TV funnyman will play the second of two Ipswich shows on Thursday evening (December 5) and provides more than two hours of fun, inoffensive jokes and witty banter that will have you in stitches.

Manford’s approach is clever and his interaction with the audience, asking them to write down their first world problems, prior to the interval, ahead of him reading them out in the second half, is a winner.

His camaraderie with the audience is genuine and he takes his time over his gags, launching the killer line or conclusion at just the right time

The tour is called First World Problems, although by the time he has completed his warm up, ridiculed everyone from the Irish to the Mancunians (the latter is where hails from) and finished the show off with quick-fire gags and stories about his cringy dad and his youngest daughter’s psychotic tendencies - amongst other things - the main subject of the show is not covered in that much length.

Not that it matters. Manford made my jaw ache when addressing ‘First World Problems’, such as that annoying women on the other end of the phone in a call centre, arriving home to find your bed unmade and losing the remote control. More often than not, I found myself nodding my head in agreement.

His show is far from energetic, indeed the whole set is low-key, while the man himself elected to go for a shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers, but his comedy was top class.

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There were one or two moments that failed to hit the spot, namely in the warm-up, which precedes the main part of the show, but for the 99% of the time the show was a big success,

I had so much fun ….. Well you’ll have to watch the show to find out what happened next!

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