Review: Jimmy Carr, Ipswich Regent, July 30

Comedian Jimmy Carr, who performed to a sold-out Ipswich Regent last night

Comedian Jimmy Carr, who performed to a sold-out Ipswich Regent last night - Credit: PA

No stranger to Ipswich, he brought his Funny Business tour back for a sell-out crowd at the theatre.

Understanding on his last visit the crowd were in a non-heckling mood, I was intrigued to know if they would step up their game this time. With a heckle delivered after his first line, this set the tone for the evening nicely.

He tested the water in the first half, seeing how far he could push boundaries and with a heckle amnesty proved he’s always ready to fire back.

The more the audience verbally abuse him, the more it fuels his response - proving he’s the king of one-liners and a sharp response.

Without TV censorship it’s really an opportunity for Carr to let loose and I think it’s fair to say no minority or taboo was safe; everyone was a target.

A tad controversial, at times crude, he’s always unpredictable. Morally right? Questionable. but then as he pointed out on several occasions, he really couldn’t care.

The second half was definitely more brutal and there were times when you felt guilty for laughing. The show was most definitely not for the easily offended.

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Being such a fan of his TV work I was quite apprehensive as to whether I would enjoy his no-holds barred approach on stage but I did. Although his humour is an acquired taste, he does pack a show with so many one-liners delivered over and over.

What rhymes with orange - no it doesn’t - is probably the only joke I can share from this evening.


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