Review: Vampire Rock, Ipswich Regent, October 31

Vampires Rock

Vampires Rock

You don’t have to be a fan of Trick or Treat to look forward to Halloween in Ipswich – fans of classic rock get their fix of Vampires Rock at this time of the year.

Vampires Rock

Vampires Rock - Credit: Archant

This is a show put together by Meatloaf sound-alike Steve Steinman 10 years ago – and which tours the country at this time of the year.

With belting classic rock songs by the likes of AC/DC, Rainbow, Bonnie Tyler, Suzi Quatro and – of course – Meatloaf, this is like one of those “Dad Rock” CDs for the car come to life!

And wrapped up with a totally over-the-top storyline, make-up, and loud, loud amplifiers this is an annual event that brings Suffolk’s rockers flocking to the Regent.

The show has evolved over the years and there have been a few cast changes – but Steinman is still there belting out the classics and pulling all the strings.

It’s more than a bit of guilty pleasure. It’s not exactly cutting-edge music, but who cares. Where else can grown-ups sing along lustily to a live version of Highway to Hell?