Workers in jeans raise charity cash

OFFICE workers in Ipswich today swapped their suits for civvies to help children with genetic disorders.

Simon Tomlinson

OFFICE workers in Ipswich today swapped their suits for civvies to help children with genetic disorders.

Hundreds of staff across town were taking part in Jeans for Genes Day in a country-wide bid to raise millions of pounds.

They paid a £2 donation for the privilege of wearing their own clothes for the day - and as our pictures show, many people got into the spirit of the event. Companies getting involved included Call Connection, AXA and BT.

Joe Ball, recruitment manager at Call Connection, which had all of its 320 staff take part, said: “It is a very worthwhile cause to alleviate the suffering of our future generation. We really want to help children with genetic disorders.”

Jeans for Genes aims to change the world for children affected by a variety of genetic disorders, which range from cleft lips, which are relatively easy to correct with surgery, to extremely painful blood disorders like sickle cell anaemia. The conditions are caused by tiny differences in a child's genes.

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A spokesman for Genes for Jeans said: “We work hard to support the many charities and patient organisations which we offer grants to each year.

“With everyone's help we can improve the lives of as many affected families as possible, no matter how rare their condition.”

People can also help with fundraising at any time and can pick up a free fundraising pack, which contain ideas, posters, stickers and everything you need to organise your event.

For more information or receive a fundraising pack, please call the campaign office on 0207 199 3300 or visit

- Have you been fundraising for Jeans for Genes? Write to Your Letters, The Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or send us an e-mail to


- Every half an hour, a baby is born in the UK with a genetic birth defect or genetic disorder which could seriously affect their lives.

- There are more than 4,000 recognised genetic disorders and many more that doctors have yet to identify or give a name to.

- Jeans for Genes helps to provide much-needed help, support and information for children and their families.

- The organisation also invests in ground-breaking research to establish the causes of these conditions and how they can be treated.

- The campaign has raised £30million so far.